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Rogue (in Brazil, Rogue) is a fictional character comic book publisher Marvel Comics, part of the X-Men.His first appearance was in The Avengers Annual # 10, 1981, and his podermutante is the ability to suck the vitality, memory and powers of other beings through skin contact. His given name is Anna Marie and took more than a decade before it was properly served (in a story written by Chris Claremont).

 Rogue is a beautiful girl who has a difficult life and tragic. Built by his stern Aunt Carrie after dramatic events involving their parents, young Anna Marie ran away from home and eventually adopted by transmorfa Mystic and his companion, the blind precongnitiva Sina. The Rogue mutant power manifested itself first in early adolescence, when at home the girl kissed a boy named Cody Robbins and his mind was invaded by memories of the boy, who entered into a permanent coma. Realizing he could never live with normal people, Rogue began participating in criminal activities along with his adoptive mother, and just as Mystique, joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. In his first mission, the fledgling mutant faced Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) and permanently absorbed the memories and powers of heroin, including super-strength and ability to fly.

Disturbed by his lack of control, Rogue knocked on the door of the X-Men for help and guidance. It was initially poorly received by team members, but convinced of the sincerity of the young Southerner, Professor Xavier accepted her as a team me
mber, but only after Vampira was risking his life to save Wolverine's fiancée, Mariko Yashida, that other X-Men began to rely on ex-villain. Over time, Rogue proved one of the most active members in the team and value. Later she and Gambit fell in love, despite her inability to touch it without causing damage. Participated, along with five other members of the X-Men, the panel that looked at the diaries of Sina, which reveal the future of the mutants. During these searches, Rogue and Gambit have lost their power, and took the opportunity to lead a normal life in a supportive community mutants Soleada Valley, California. Shortly after, they helped the X-Men against the mutant predator Borgan and returned to the team. Anna Marie regained its power of absorption thanks to the ability of her teammate, Sage, to awaken the latent genetic potential.
Confused about his past, Rogue went in search of its origins. He discovered that his parents were part of a community aimed at achieving osBancos Distant, a world of dreams that can only be achieved through an altered state of consciousness. However, in their desperation to reach the mystical place at any cost, the father of Rogue, Owen, betrayed his wife Priscilla, who sacrificed himself to protect the Far Banks of selfish people like her husband.Traveling to this plan extradimensional, Rogue was able to make peace with the spirit of his mother.Rogue participated in various configurations of the X-Men and was in exile in Australia along with Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Psylocke, Crystal, Longshot and Madelyne Pryor (clone of Jean Grey) after the events of the saga ¨ Fall of Mutants, where data werebe dead.Rogue is currently leading a division of the X-men, with success in several missions where you have as a team more effective and aggressive in the fields of action and battle.With this leadership Rogue is much more determined, strong and mature, one of the most powerful mutants on Earth.

 Powers and abilities
Through physical contact, Rogue steals the vital energy, memories and physical and mental abilities, normal or special, that the victim has, in addition to their super powers and some personality traits.Usually this causes loss of consciousness and memory on the target. The effect of the transfer is temporary, flow characteristics is absorbed and the victim back to normal, but prolonged contact can cause permanent drain and even lead to death the person who received the touch. Rogue possessed for years the powers of Ms. Marvel's original super strength, flight and invulnerability, have remained for a long time the powers of the X-Men flaming Solaris and even the ability to manifest powers formerly absorbed randomly, without further contact, the remaining active Wolverine claws and his healing factor. These extra capabilities occurred at various times and now Rogue has only his original power of absorption, with the difference that most of her life she had no control and his touch was always active absorption and so she lived apart, with a life incomplete without being able to have less contact with anyone and absorbed the memories always had a detrimental effect on his own psyche leaving the often confusing and even your personality subdued by having absorbed. Recently this problem was solved and Rogue can now activate / deactivate their power and direct it to whatever this is specifically and drain tap will cause damage or not the person. In the event called "Age of X" seems to see Rogue permanently drained the memories of some people die before, including a version of Captain America, making it great strategist and perfect in martial skills.

 Loving Relationships

Rogue and Gambit on the cover of the magazine 24 X-Men, published in the United States. Art by Andy Kubert.Because it is a mutant with the ability to absorb powers, energy and memories of others with a simple touch, Rogue has always been unable to have a normal loving relationship. After the traumatic episode with Cody Robbins (In his first kiss, his mutant powers manifested and Cody in a coma), Rogue has always tried to stay away to avoid harm to others with his powers.However this did not prevent her having a platonic passion for Longshot (Cristalinvés who chose it) and then return to the Portal of Fate with a new life without power after the exile in Australia, went into the Rogue Wilderness and had an involvement with fastMagneto. But his great love has always been Gambit (Remy LeBeau) who has a romance with ups and downs.Saga In they face the Phalanx and end up in Antarctica for the Trial of Gambit's past crimes are discovered, he and Rogue loses his powers and the two have their first night of love in a cave where they were arrested.Also just had a flirtation with Joseph, a younger clone of Magneto.

Miniseries own title, launched in Brazil by Panini Comics in four volumes.In Brazil, the character was named Rogue, in reference to its power to "suck" the powers and memories of those who play. She first appeared in the magazine's TV Heroes # 100. The story begins when she plays Miss Marvel of a bridge. Soon after, Captain Américatambém is defeated. Then Rogue defeat the most powerful man on Earth, Thor.So begins a career as a villain. Dressed as a soldier in a uniform green color, short hair with a large white streak, and a smile of derision by defeated enemies, and Rogue was characterized for the first time. In this story the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, try to free their comrades from prison. They have a secret weapon as a mutant who defeated the gre
atest heroes of the earth, the world's most powerful mutant, Rogue.
Yet a team of Avengers is going to clash. Those who have had no human powers, such as Vision, which is an android. Thus, the Rogue faces only with the powers previously absorbed. The heroes hold a negative front, but do not deliver. Receive the reward of the defeat. Rogue almost kills all Avengers.In 2006 the character miniseries won a title itself, published in four volumes, written by Robert Rodi and art by Cliff Richards. The series was launched in Brazil by Panini Comics.

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