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SourceStorm is the descendant of an ancient line of African priestesses.All have white hair, blue eyes and the potential to use magic. Her mother, N'Dare, was the princess of a tribe in Kenya. She married the American photojournalist David Munroe and moved with him to Manhattan where Ororo was born. When Ororo was six months old, she and her parents went to Cairo, Egypt. Five years later, his family was the victim of an air raid. His parents were dead, but she survived, buried under boulders and debris near the body of her mother. This trauma left Ororo with severe claustrophobia that still afflicts today.
Homeless and orphaned, Ororo Alone in the city, wandered through Cairo until he met master thief Achmed el-Gibbar who gave him a home and trained to be a thief. She became the best of his thieving scum and perhaps all over Cairo. His exploits include stealing a ruby ​​of X-Eternal Candra and Opal Ozimandias. For a great chance, even tried to steal their future Professor Charles Xavier when he was making a solitary pilgrimage throughout the Mediterranean, Ororo was not successful because Xavier used his telepathy to her to return his wallet. By using your mental powers on the girl, was intercepted mentally by Amahl Farouk (King of Shadows mutant) that the mentally challenged to a duel. Xavier the defeat, holding his mind on the astral plane. Without further explorations of Farouk and only 12 years old she felt the need to go south in search of its origins. In Sudan, a truck driver tried to rape her, Ororo was forced to kill him and vowed to never kill again. Upon arriving in Kenya, met and had a short affair with T'Challa (Black Panther the future) who lost her virginity at about the same time that their gifts floreceram mutants. With the end of courtship, finally reached the land of their ancestors to the Serengeti Plain, between Tanzania and Kenya. There, Ororo has to use its power in favor of the local tribes, being worshiped by them as a kind princess and goddess. Ororo remained with the tribes for years always bringing rain and a good climate for growing. But by ignoring the consequences of his powers, ended up causing drought in other regions, killing cattle in other parts of Africa. During an adventure the first formation of the X-Men, the team came to see her and fought together against a mutant named Flood.


Since its existence was already known by Xavier, Ororo was summoned to join the X-Men, he had to quickly recruit a new team of mutants to save the original that was captured by Krakoa, the island alive. Storm agreed to help them but with the tough decision to abandon their land and the needs of its people. user posted image Ororo had trouble adapting to this new life. He did not understand, among other things, because I could not bathe naked in the pool. This cultural contrast has naturally become friends of the Russian mutant Colossus who also had difficulty in adapting and called her "little sister". Jean also helped greatly in their adaptation to civilization and became best friends.The team leader, Cyclops leaves the X-Men after the sacrifice of Phoenix and Storm was chosen to take the lead. Soon he had a strong bond with Kitty Pryde, the youngest team member.Callisto challenges in a battle for leadership of the Morlocks, a colony of mutants in the sewers, Ororo wins. In Japan, storm befriends the ronin Yukio, this friendship Storm influenced to change their attitude to life, embracing its wilder side contained so because of his powers. To represent this transformation, changed his look by adopting a mohawk cut and clothes more aggressive. But her friend Kitty and does not accept these changes and no longer recognizes it as Ororo. Ororo called kitty to talk and rescue the strong friendship that the two had.


The mutant Forge invented a weapon that could nullify the mutant powers. Henry Gyrich resolves as a test using the gun in mutant Rogue, newly admitted villain in X-Men but ends up accidentally hitting Storm. Forge, feeling guilty Storm leads to a safe place, your home. The two have a short and intense case. Large storm to find that he was responsible for the loss of his power. It was finally agreed to Africa where the loss of his powers. Then Loki gave the Storm their powers back if he accepted to become the goddess of thunder of Asgard, but rejected. Returning X-Men, proven to be a great leader and a dangerous X-Men even without his powers, mainly to compete for the leadership of the X-Men with Cyclops and defeat.Ororo was gradually regaining confidence in Forge who fought alongside the X-Men against the Adversary, in this struggle the X-Men were believed dead. Taking advantage of the anonymity, moved to Australia at the former base of the butchers. And there, his powers were finally returning.


The X-Men thought he was dead by lightning Havok accidental but in fact she was alive and had been converted into a villainous child by Nanny, was persecuted by the King of Shadows and then knew that the thief called Gambit always Tempestinha. Together they began to work as thieves, stealing from other thieves always. His age was increasing rapidlyOroro is sequestered with the New Mutants and taken to Genosha.When facing the Genengenheiro and Cameron Hodge, Storm finally returns to adulthood stabilizing. Later, returning to New York, she leads a team of X-Men is going to space to rescue Professor X of the Skrulls and save the Shi'ar Empire. Upon returning to Earth happens then the invasion of the King of Shadows to Muir Island, resulting in coma Legion.When X-Men and X-Factor merged, the group split into two teams in blue and gold. Cyclops and Storm leading the Blue to gold.Forge, who now worked as a support of the X-Men, Storm was never bothered by her attention and then discuss, to kiss her, asked her to marry. Ororo said he needed to think, and spent the day flying happy with the application and considering abandoning the team to live with Forge. She almost took Forge, but realize that your feelings are not as reciprocal. And she would never abandon the X-Men, leaving before she gave her answer.
Storm faced the mutant Marrow, a former Morlock angry that he had placed in his heart a trigger for a bomb and threatened to explode humans captured by allies of the nation Gene. Storm rips the heart Marrow during the battle. Storm is guilt for killing the young mutant who should be protected by being leader of the Morlocks.

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