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''Shawn Johnson''

Shawn Johnson (Des Moines, January 19, 1992) is a U.S. gymnast americanaque racing since 2005 in the artistic elite of the sport in the country.Shawn is twice champion on the beam and the national gold medal in individual all nosJogos Pan American in 2007, held in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and noCampeonato World Stuttgart, Germany. In the Summer Olympics of 2008, played in Beijing, won four medals, one gold, in his debut in this global competition. In 2009, chose not to participate in gymnastics competitions. As awards in 2007, at fifteen, was voted the best gymnast of the World Championship and received the governor of Iowa the "Shawn Johnson Day" for his performance in this event. In 2008 he was voted the best gymnast in voting conducted by the International Gymnast magazine, whose editions receive cooperation from the former atletaNadia Comaneci. In mid-2009, became the youngest champion concursoDancing With the Stars and the best Olympic athlete chosen by ESPN in premiaçãoESPY Awards, which only uses the popular vote.

Shawn Johnson is a senior international elite gymnast from the United States, the world champion and Olympic champion overall individual natrave.An only child, Shawn was born with an Apgar score of zero, which featured a dangerous part during the first minutes of rising.However, in 24 hours had improved enough to be considered a healthy girl. Described by his mother as a happy baby, who woke up every morning with a smile, was kept away from the dangers of the love of climbing in places that should not, even in kindergarten.Active, walked at nine months and his family always tried to let her activities more relaxed, composed and practiced dance groups tumbling until you find the gym.It started in the sport at age three, active and practicing their skills safely. At six, he joined Chow's Gymnastics & Dance Institute, which was one of the first students to enroll in the newly opened gym. In the following year, the academy began competing in Des Moines. His parents, Doug and Teri Johnson, said that the gym had been the 'medicine' found for the hiperatividadedirecionada daughter, because of the taste of the girl to prove physically challenging activities. The coach Liang Qiao (Chow) a
nd his wife, choreographer Liwen Zhuang (Li), their coaches are from the beginning of practice and saw the girl's eagerness to make it evolve quickly enough to make gymnastics their lives, as also grew his love for the sport. Student grades, published three short books in the school where he attended high school, Valley Southwoods in his hometown, and always be supported by parents in his career, which came to mortgage your house to fund their training, it It is a normal person. Despite their 25 hours of weekly training, also has a few hobbies, how to care for their dogs. In February 2008, was voted the best gymnast in the world, in voting conducted by the International Gymnast magazine, specializing in sport, as practiced gymnastics in an objective and aware with the joy of encountering new cultures and people and do what really liked, reaching with this, the first places in major competitions available. For the future, after finished his career as a gymnast, hopes to follow in the sport as a coach or as directed to the medical area.

Shawn became a senior gymnast in 2007 and continued to show innovation in their routines, leaving them with the highest grades of difficulty. The result of the changes came in the competitions. In all who participated, the young athlete left with the gold medal in open competition: NaTyson American Cup in Jacksonville, Fla., after overcoming compatriot Natasha Kelley by .600 point, vs. the United States. Britain, in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, which exceeded two compatriots, the American National, emSan Jose, California, and World in Stuttgart, which overtook teammate Nastia Liukin, placed fifth.The following year, the results were slightly different. In the national championships that participated varied between the first and second placements alongside Nastia Liukin: the National American, won the gold medal, in the Tyson American Cup, was the runner-up.Further, the gymnast has participated in the Visa Championships, which won first place in the soil and individual general, and a silver medal on the beam. Already in Pre-Olympic, the success of the young has been shown in the individual gold medals overall, soil and the beam, and silver in jumping on the table. Internationally, competed in the square between Spain vs. Vs Italy. Vs Poland.United States. In it, the gold medals won by teams and open competition.In July 2009, away from competitions since August last year, and uncertain about the future of his career, he declared his desire to return to the championships for four more years until osJogos London Olympic in 2012. His departure came not only to rest and reflect on their future. It was also important to seize opportunities provided by the newfound fame after the Beijing Olympics, as appearing in TV shows and participate in advertisements, such as the Chocolate Crunch Nestlé.Depois addition, in mid-December
, officiated at his return to training gym, at a pace best suited to your momento.Em February 2010, skiing in Colorado, suffered a knee injury that led to surgery, performed on the sixteenth day of that month. To recover fully, had to move away from training for six weeks and with limited training for six months. In May, announced the intention of returning to competition in July, immediately after the period of recovery. However, still hampered by injury and weight gain, the gymnast has chosen to intensify their training routines, targeting the 2012 Olympics. On Sept. 18, posted on his official website a video of some skills training. The athlete also found that you have chosen, with the help of his fans, a new song for the series of soil. In early February the following year, now at nineteen, Johnson was re-integrated into the U.S. national team, and thus readable for international competitions. The appointment was made soon after the gymnast returned from a training camp with the team at Karolyi Ranch. In July, on his return to competition, competed in the CoverGirl Classic, held in Chicago. In the event played just two devices: the uneven bars, totaled 13.550 points after suffering a fall, the crossbar, finished with 13.300 after a fall and a new series of balance. After three weeks, competed in the American National in St. Paul. In it, he performed the same two devices of the previous event and added the jump on the table. During the two days of competition, was consistent and got good grades, ending in sixth place in parallel and in the fourth on the beam. With these results, was chosen for the Karolyi camp, which the gymnasts selected to represent the country at the World Cup in Tokyo. Not yet reached their best physical shape, was selected to compete in the Pan American Games in Guadalajara.

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