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''Carmem Miranda"

Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha GO HI (March Canaveses, February 9, 1909 - Los Angeles, August 5, 1955), better known as Carmen Miranda, was umacantora and Luso-Brazilian actress. [Note 1] His artistic career spent in Brazil and the United States between the 1930s and 1950s. He worked in radio, vaudeville theater, film and television. Came to receive the highest salary hitherto paid to a woman in the United States. His eclectic style makes it considered a precursor dotropicalismo, Brazilian cultural movement emerged in the late 1960s.
On January
 20, 1936, the film premiered hello, hello Carnival with the famous scene where she and Aurora Miranda singing "Singing the Radio." In the same year, the two sisters have joined the cast of the Urca Casino owned by Joaquim Rolla. Since then the two sisters were divided between the stage of the casino and frequent trips to Brazil and Argentina.

After a presentation to the Hollywood star Tyrone Power in 1938, suggested the possibility of a career in the United States. Carmen got the fabulous salary of 30 contos per month at the Cassino da Urca and is not interested in the idea.In 1939, the American entrepreneur Lee Shubert and actress Sonja Henie saw the spectacle of Carmen at the Cassino da Urca. After a show in the liner Normandie, Carmen signed a contract with the entrepreneur. The performance of the contract was not immediate, because the singer made a point of bringing the musical group Band of the moon to follow, but the manager was only interested in Carmen. After returning to the United States, Schubert accepted the coming of the Bando da Lua Carmen left the ship Uruguay on May 4, 1939, on the eve of World War II.
On May 29, 1939 Carmen premiered at the musical show "Streets of Paris" in Boston, with resounding success of the public and critics. Their theatrical participation became increasingly popular.On 5 marçode 1940, made a presentation to President Franklin D.Rooseveltdurante Branca.Em a banquet in the House July 10, 1940 returned to Brazil, where she was received with great applause by the people of Rio. However, in a presentation at the Cassino da Urca with the presence of prominent politicians of the Estado Novo was apupada by
 those who considered "Americanized." Among the critics there were many who were supporters of current policies contrary to the United States.

Two months later, on the same stage, Carmen was applauded enthusiastically by a common audience. In the same month he recorded his last record in Brazil, where he responded to the accusations with humor you miss Brazil and have been "Americanized." On October 3, returned to America and recorded the brand of your shoes and hands on the Walk of Fame Chinese Theater Los Angeles.Entre 1942 and 1953 appeared in 13 Hollywood movies and the most important radio programs, television, homes night, casinos and theaters in North America. The Good Neighbor Policy, implemented by the United States to seek allies in World War II, encouraged the immigration of Latin American artists. Despite having arrived in the United States before the creation of the Good Neighbor Policy, Carmen Miranda has always been identified as the most successful artist of the project.

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