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Design and creation!
Sakura is aa female character who appears in more than Naruto, but turn it into a heroine of the series was not the initial goal of Masashi Kishimoto. Kishimoto attributes this to an inability to draw heroines, and created Sakura as a girl who does not understand men, the best example of a heroine who could invent. The creation of Sakura is also a result of Kishimoto's desire to create an annoying character, but with good intentions. Despite these facts, Kishimoto has appreciation for Sa
kura and believes that her personality can be observed in real people, giving "humanity" in character. When asked in an interview if something of the past Sakura had never been revealed, he says he never saw Sakura as a "normal girl".
When designing Sakura, Kishimoto kept the focus on the silhouette of the character and created the simplest clothes she could. It differs from the other main characters at this point, who wear very detailed.The most striking aspect of its design asleggings are using, which aims to show that the character is very active. At the beginning of the series, the leggings were longer and resembled trousers. Later, they were shorter and tighter. In addition to inexperience in drawing heroines, Kishimoto also did not know how to make attractive when Sakura began to draw it.The most striking physical feature Sakura is his high forehead.Because of this, Kishimoto at times focuses too much on it to draw Sakura and makes her forehead look too big. Kishimoto decided to change the clothes of Sakura in the second part of the series, and she started to use a dress-style karate. The top, however, keeps Chinese influences to make it more female.
PersonalityAt the beginning of the series, Sakura feels a deep admiration for Sasuke Uchiha. Because of this, most of the first appearances of the show Sakura trying to gain the attention of Sasuke. As the story progresses, the two begin to live more often as teammates, and she begins to worry about the possibility of Sasuke leaving it in th
eir quest for power. When your fear becomes reality, Sakura tries to stop Sasuke leave, declaring her love for him and offering his company. Sasuke even touched by his words, leaves the Hidden Leaf Village. From this moment, Sakura began to have as goal to bring Sasuke back. Although still worry about him and not allow others to insult, Sakura is willing even to attack it if necessary to bring it back.
Sakura's relationship with Naruto Uzumaki, like with Sasuke, also changes throughout the series. When the two are placed at the same time, Sakura sees Naruto as an incompetent fool who deliberately tries to ruin his life. As the story progresses and Naruto shows his talent as a ninja and dedication to his colleagues, Sakura realizes that his opinion about Naruto needed to be revised. After Sasuke leaves the village, Sakura pleads for Naruto to bring him back. Interested in Sakura, Naruto does everything to bring Sasuke back for her. Despite failing and ending up in hospital, he vows to fulfill the request that Sakura gave him. Seeing how Naruto risked for her, Sakura decides to spend more than two years in training to be able to help Naruto on his next attempt. When the two set out to find Sasuke, Sakura discovers that Naruto carries the burdens, and saddened by their impact on his life, becomes closer to Naruto and tries to do everything it can to help you overcome these obstacles.

Skills!At the beginning of the series, Sakura has not shown many skills.Despite being very talented in basic ninja skills, as seen in the few battles in which it participates, Sakura does not have characteristics that stand out from the rest of Team Kakashi.Seusensei, Kakashi notes that Sakura has an amazing control over her chakra, but she learns to use this skill immediately.After training with the Fifth Hokage (Tsunade Senju) for more th
an two years, Sakura learns two techniques that depend directly on your excelent control of his chakra. The first and that requires more than your skill is the ability to mold his chakra and power to heal wounds, guaranteeing you the position of medical ninja on his team.Thanks to his great mastery in healing others, Sakura is the most talented medical ninja as the much more experienced than others.As a team depends on its medical ninja to survive, Sakura must avoid opponents and keep them apart. It achieves this through a second ability: her superhuman strength. By concentrating his chakra fists and releasing it in contact with your target, Sakura can reduce barriers to dust with ease. After training with Tsunade, Sakura also gain a great ability to dodge.


Sakura accompanies the other members of Team Kakashi in all initial missions, but does little to help in th
e battles in which it participates. Instead, it expects its partners to defeat opponents and uses their protection. In the Land of Waves battle, while Naruto and Sasuke facing Koori Haku and Kakashi Hatake faced Zabuza Momochi, she defended the old bridge builder, Tazuna. During the examination Chunnin, the other members of your team need to be protected by it, realizing that relying on others to win battles was not a smart move. She decides then to refine their ninja skills from that point and assume a more active role in the battles of Team Kakashi. When Sakura realizes that Rock Lee has battled hard against Otonin Trio in the Forest of Death, she decides to fight for herself, and is surprised by Kin Tsuchi, the only way left is to cut your hair and run away. Then she starts a great battle against Zaku Abumi. After Sasuke leaves Naruto and his team can not bring him back, Sakura finds himself unable to help them study with Tsunade and decides to get more done by their partners in the future.

Sakura becomes more active and strong when she leaves to save the Fifth Kazekage Gaara, as seen in his fight over Sasori (member of Akatsuki). It also improves their skills in teamwork, Chiyo, and she formed a great duo. Thanks to the success in this battle, Sakura can discover more information about the whereabouts of Sasuke.Naruto, Sakura and the other members of Team Kakashi use this information to find Sasuke, but again can not prevent it from escaping. Sakura then decides to confront Sasuke when he concludes that he became a threat, and tries to kill him after finding him alone. When the war against the remaining members of Akatsuki is announced, Sakura participates as a medical ninja.

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