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Temari (Japanese: テマリ, 'Temari') Is a personagemfictícia Anime / Manga Naruto.

Contents HistóriaEditarShe is the daughter of the Fourth Kazekage, Gaara's sister, the jinchuuriki's one-tail, and again Kankuro puppet master as the current Sasori was killed by Sakura Haruno.

Naruto ClássicoEditarInvasion of the Village Folha

Temari was given the mission, along with his brothers, to destroy the Leaf Village. The plan was to use the ability of the Shukaku within Gaara, the third phase of Chuunin Shiken. The three passed easily into the last stage, especially Temari, who won their range Tenusando Ten giant, and without getting hurt. In the third phase, encontrouShikamaru Temari Nara. He thought it was going to win easily, but Shikamaru used his strategy in an exemplary way, holding in his Temari Kage Mane no Jutsu, but he gave up the fight, because after checking all the strategies, realized he could not win.In the battle of Gaara, he used the Shukaku before the hour, and had to retreat, escorted by Temari and Kankuro.Sasuke perseguiu.Sasuke reached the Uchiha Temari Gaara with the qualdeixou Kankurou she got left behind fugir.Depois Kankuro and Shino fought him in his place, but quickly followed Sasuke Temari.Gaara woke up and fought Sasuke, releasing its almost perfect.Temari hid, and watched Naruto Uzumaki come and fight with Gaara in perfect shape, scared. Gaara saw amazed lose, and quickly picked it up, running
 away with him. He noted that this fight has changed the opinion of Gaara, seeing that he cares about people.

 Rescuing Sasuke

He received a mission with his brothers to help in rescue Sasuke.Nara Shikamaru helped defeat Tayuya with one blow. He was a friend of Shikamaru after this incident and later near as well.

Naruto Shippuden

Became a Kazekage Gaara and Temari, Kankurou with, sworn to protect the ideals of the new leader of his village. Examiner turned the Chuunin Shiken along with his close friend Shikamaru Nara, passing information to the Sand Village Leaf Village, and  unlike.

Rescue Gaara

One day, he felt something, and returned to his village. Found Hatake Kakashi, Haruno Sakura and Naruto on the way. Is told by them that Gaara was kidnapped by the Akatsuki, and brings them to their village. Want to help the team Kakashi to rescue his brother, but one of the councilors from Suna, Chiyo, says she will, that Temari is not required. Once his brother, Kankuro, recovered from a fight against the kidnappers of Gaara, Sasori, Temari went with him and some ninjas behind the Kazekage. Chiyo found dying and waking Gaara, safe and sound. He went home happy, with his brothers.
Meeting with Five Kages

Sabaku Gaara prepares to meet the Five Kage, along with his two siblings, Kankuro and Temari. Temari is carrying a scroll on his back, is shrouded in a cloak and now carries a small range to shake. Gaa
ra, Temari and Kankuro arrive at the venue, the Village of Iron in the Iron Country. The country's iron avoids the use of ninjas, instead they use samurai warriors called, so is the ideal place for the meeting. This country is located between three mountains called "Three Wolves" and is a cold country, where it always snows, the country's total opposite of the wind. Gaara on arrival is greeted by Mifune, leader of the Iron Country. Gaara says that is too cold, and said that Mifune will pronuciar something warm to Gaara and their accessors.

Fight Sasuke and Gaara

Gaara Sasuke insists saying that revenge will not help, then Temari and Kankuro Gaara asked to give it is an Akatsuki Sasuke, then Sasuke and Gaara says he is the same and still says he can have a light, but Sasuke says his path is in darkness soon Gaara releases 
his sand and then Karindetecta Danzou and after Sasuke uses Amaterasu but Gaara defends himself using his defense suddenly absoluta.De Darui will help Gaara and uses Ranton Laser Circus uses Kamaitachi Temari, Kankuro with Akahigi uses his new puppet Sankaku Kiki and Gaara uses Suna Shigure Rendan the Ninjutsu and cause an explosion jutsu but Sasuke uses Susanoo and says that this defense is better than Gaara.Logo after that Sasuke uses Susano'o to destroy one of the pillars, this distraction he goes to the meeting room of kages with Karin, Sasuke appears on the roof which houses all the kages, Mifune Sasuke attacks with his sword, which argues, in this mess Danzou flees with her twosubordinates, the will behind them and leaves the Akatsuki because of the Mizukage, who uses his Yoton to block the passage where Danzou fled.


temari vs konohamaruTemari Jounin is a young and experienced with wind jutsus. With its range, can handle the wind, as Kamaitachi, Dai and Kamaitachi oFuusajin. Can deflect projectiles fired against it, as shurikens, knives, kunai, and other weapons. If any genjutsu try to attain it by sound, she repels with the gusts of wind. If really necessary, can make a Kuchiyose no Jutsu with his Kirikirimai, invoking a weasel to help her in combat. Temari can also carry with her fan, closin
g the three moons that are in range.
She is very strong.

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