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''Jean Grey''

Jean Grey, the younger daughter of history professor John Grey and his wife Elaine, then 10 years old, was playing with her best friend Annie Richardson when it was hit by a car. The trauma of the situation aroused the latent telepathic Jean, causing her to accompany all despair and terror of dying friend, sensing his own death in mind. This trauma caused depressed, isolate it from everything and everyone.When he was 11 years old, her parents took her to be treated by Professor Charles Xavier, indicated to his parents by a psychiatrist friend of the mutant. Aware of the situation
 of Jean, Xavier explained to her, but not to their parents about his mutant condition.To avoid going crazy Jean, Charles created a series of psychological barriers to prevent her from using her telepathic powers until it is mature enough to control them. At the same time, he taught the girl to use her telekinetic abilities, and when he realized that she had fairly mastered this gift, suggested to his parents who enroll in the Xavier Institute for Gifted. Finally, using his telekinetic powers, Jean was the fifth student and the first woman to join the school, participating in the first team training apprentices mutants of Xavier, the X-Men. Jean took the name Marvel Girl, participating with the X-Men for his first official mission (facing the mutant Magneto) in his first week at school.
Being immediately besieged by four young disciples mutants of Xavier, Jean soon became interested in the shy teammate Scott Summers (Cyclops. But she was constantly harassed by millionaire Warren Worthington III, Angel). After a time of tremendous "it rains and does not wet," Scott and Jean finally admitting their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Charles had to leave Earth and Jean released the psychic barriers that prevented her from using her telepathic powers. Now, the task of coordinating the X-Men telepathically was up to her.After the second generation of X-Men was formed, Jean left the group for a while. However she and the original members were abducted by guards and taken to a space station . After Jean and the X-Men defeated scientist Steven Lang and robot Sentinels on his space station, the heroes escaped using a spaceship and going through a lethal solar radiation storm. The protection of the ship was poor, so that the cockpit was not sufficiently protected against radiation. Due to the content of their powers, Jean volunteered to guide the ship, using his telekinesis to block radiation. But his powers were not enough, and when he was dying by radiation poisoning, Jean was saved by the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force. The Phoenix took the ship to save on Jamaica Bay in New York. 
Upon reaching Earth, Jean was changed. At first it was believed that the radiation had caused Jean to get in touch with the Phoenix Force, one of the primal forces of the universe, who had taken possession of his body. Adopting the name Phoenix, Jean has become almost a demigod. Without proper training to handle such power, Jean went on to fight constantly against Phoenix, getting some success ... Until he fell victim to the wiles of the Mastermind, a mutant with powers ilusógenos. The master had the intention to corrupt the soul of Jean, turning it into a Dark Queen of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, a closed institution, whose members were the people - or not changing - the world's richest. With his dark side and hungry, and now Dark Phoenix took Jean's body, even getting rid of the master control, commit unimaginable acts such as the destruction of the solar system D'bari, which culminated in the deaths of five billion beings. Thanks to the intervention of Professor Xavier, Jean regained control of his emotions, but space was declared a threat by Shi'ar Empire. In a battle to decide his fate, the X-Men were taken to fight the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Summarily defeated, Jean ended up committing suicide when he realized that his dark side was rising again (events shown in the Dark Phoenix Saga, a landmark of comics). 
Jean had died. Or so they thought. Months after the suicide of Jean on the moon, a cocoon was found at the bottom of Jamaica Bay.Inside was the body of ... Jean Grey! Genetic testing and mental testified that this was, without doubt, the real Jean Grey. Then it became known that, when answering the calls of help from Jean in the spacecraft, the Phoenix Force appeared in front of her, offering to meet his desire. Jean asked that the X-Men were saved, and while his body was deposited in a cocoon in a comatose state, the Phoenix cast your mind and body to emulate the personality of Grey and absorbed a portion of your consciousness. The Phoenix copied even the memories of Jean and his affection for his friends and, of course, love for Scott Summers. Thus, while the body of Jean was recovering from serious injury posed by radiation, the Phoenix took his place and put the body of Jean in suspended animation in the cocoon at the bottom of Jamaica Bay.For months the Phoenix believed that she was the real Jean until insane and become Dark Phoenix. In the end, the portion of Jean's consciousness within Phoenix came out, causing her to commit suicide. Soon Jean was rescued from his state and was "reborn from the ashes." With her telepathic powers lost, but the telekinetic stronger than ever, Jean met the original X-Men and founded the X-Factor , in order to help mutants around the world. At the time, the Xavier Institute was under the direction of Magneto, and Jean and the others refused to go back to school. This return would only happen after Professor Xavier, (who had traveled back into space with the Starjammers to heal from an illness using the Shi'ar technology) back to Earth.
After that, Jean went through various experiences after returning to the X-Men, which included his marriage to Scott  and a trip to an alternative future to help create Nathan Summers, Cable, son of Cyclops in Madelyne Pryor ( clone of Jean with whom he had married, at the time it was thought she was dead). There, Jean Scott found his daughter with an alternate future, Rachel Summers.In his honor, to return to the present, she returned to using the name Phoenix. Over the months, Jean suffered several losses, including the supposed death of Scott in a battle with the mutant Apocalypse.After returning, Scott became someone very cold in their relationship (because of the experience of having been merged with Revelation, which showed the darker side of his soul), questioning the feelings for his wife. The coldness paved the way for Wolverine (since they met, have no interests in disguise for it) to settle, sheepishly, in his heart.More recently Jean assumed the position of director of the Xavier Institute and was revisited by the Phoenix Force. Following an attack on the X-Men by a mutant named Xorn, by pretending to be Magneto, Jean and Logan fell victim to a ruse of the villain driver of magnetism, who arrested the two on Asteroid M, which was launched toward the sun having no hope of survival and wanting to spare his teammate further suffering, Wolverine seemingly killed Jean, unleashing the Phoenix consciousness within her and resurrecting her. Returning to Earth, Jean, with the power of the Phoenix, opposed to the false Magneto and was killed by a massive stroke caused by a lethal electromagnetic pulse. For the second time, the X-Men had to bury one of its most valuable members. 
Recently the Phoenix Force and was reborn after being attacked by a cross-Shi'ar war, she, disoriented, like Jean Grey in the earth.Finding her dead, resurrects it. With the help of X-Men, Jean defeat the Shi'ar ship and ascends to White Phoenix, going into space looking for the other portions of the Phoenix Force, scattered in the cosmos after the last attack Shi'ar.

Jean Grey - The White Phoenix

Having committed suicide on the moon as Dark Phoenix, the portion of the consciousness of Jean Grey who had bonded with the Phoenix Force agreed on the afterlife Alterlife (a kingdom later called "the Hall Incandescent"). Jean found himself on top of a tower floating in an outdoor space like a field (sphere or realm), wondering why she was not dead. Dressed in a White Phoenix, Jean asks herself if there are three phases of the Phoenix: Green (good), Red (bad), and White, whose meaning is not found. After Jean is visited by Death himself which manifests itself as a construction worker cosmic. Death has built tower
s in the afterlife to house the souls of victims of the Dark Phoenix. Jean also relives the experience of the destruction of D'Bari system from the standpoint of victims. The death of Jean Grey says she was destined to become the Phoenix to repair the Crystal M'Kraan and that if she and Phoenix were not well intentioned with each other, then they might not have reached. Death tells him that their perceptions and imagination influenced the Phoenix and Phoenix she rightfully belongs to and one day will belong to your children. Death instructs Jean to return to life to live and learn. Jean and Phoenix will their energy for the body in the cocoon original Jean and Madelyne Pryor in the laboratory of Sinister.
Years later, Jean Grey Phoenix revisits his experience as White Death when interacting with the machine Prosh recruit her and some others for a special mission, to fight with The Stranger (The Stranger). Part of the mission included the recall key moments in his past to learn new insights. So Jean Grey awakens in the afterlife, in white suit and gold of the Phoenix, being greeted by Death.Explains that she was one of the few people who had been there two times, though, for her, the first and second times occurring at the same time and that the first time, has been technically as the Phoenix. Death repeats that Jean and the Phoenix chose the other one. Jean says he wanted the power when he played in Phoenix.Death explains that his desire startled the fundamental forces of the universe, because it is a human mutant with unlimited potential for growth. One day those like her could come to replace the fundamental forces of the universe.
Some years later, after being killed 
in battle, Jean Grey reborn from an egg of Phoenix many years to come. The ancestral bacteria and bad calls Sublime sought to use his power to control the entire creation. So that performs its mission to Sublime disinfect the world, Jean Grey Room Incandescent amounts to a future reality and absorbs it. In Room Incandescent, Jean appeared in the costume of white and gold Phoenix and was consulted by the consciousness of the Phoenix as a White Phoenix of the Crown.Jean felt as she was, "I had to fix something or was dying," but the Consciousness of Phoenix said he had "lost concentration there."Meeting with other avatars of the Phoenix, Jean was encouraged to leave their dying universe, but decided to cure him. With some guidance from the consciousness of the Phoenix, Jean puts her universe in the palm of his hands and decides to create a new future, prompting Scott to continue Xavier's school and his relationship with Emma Frost.
In recent months, the Phoenix Force was reconstituted before its time and was attacked by a Shi'ar cruiser war and as a result, much of its power was shattered throughout the galaxy. The Shi'ar had also expected to kill Jean Grey who sometimes refer to as the host of the Phoenix, heart, and as Phoenix. The Force arrives on earth, he discovers that Jean is dead, and do something to resurrect it by force. However, everything becomes terribly wrong, as neither Jean nor Phoenix are fully prepared to be reborn, and as a result, the Phoenix Force becomes insane, once more becoming the Dark Phoenix. Jean realizes that things are wrong and they should be in the room Incandescent and that the Force is "sick, blind, and forgot."
The X-Men formulate a plan to contain the Phoenix, but the question becomes more complicated with the arrival of Quentin Quire, aka Kid Omega, who wants to use the Phoenix Force to resurrect Sophie, one of the Stepford Cuckoos, who died trying to prevent you from taking the Xavier Institute. In addition to worsening the situation of the group that attacked the Shi'ar cruiser Phoenix is ​​headed for Earth. His plan is to destroy the force while it is weak and incomplete.Eventually the X-Men chase the Phoenix to the North Pole where Wolverine tries to kill her several times to no avail. Wolverine asks if she is Jean or Phoenix and she replies "I am always Jean and always Phoenix." After Jean regains control and sealed himself in ice, the Phoenix is ​​a prisoner and Cyclops uses his optic blasts, as a means to reintegrate its strength. The White Queen, in an attempt to subdue the Force, tells him that no longer loves Cyclops Jean consequently no longer loves Phoenix, both of the two. But it offers as a host to Phoenix, who accepts Cyclops and Emma clings together quickly in a containment unit, the egg of the Phoenix, created by the Beast.But then Quentin Quire enters the scene, intending to break the unity and take them to Phoenix, to bring Sophie back. Meanwhile inside the egg of the Phoenix, the White Queen is being consumed in the tremendous power of the Phoenix. Because it is not an "Omega-level mutant" as is Jean, she is unable to serve as its host for very long. As Quentin breaks the egg, Phoenix claims and uses his power to return Sophie to life, only to be rejected by her and he revert back to a lifeless body. This proves to be the last straw for the Force, which aims to destroy the planet, but then Jean emerges from the ice and fight against it. The Phoenix is ​​shocked that Jean was capable of this feat without his power, which responds' I am you. Do not remember? Now exit this body fool! '
Jean separates the Phoenix and the White Queen from one another by force, saying that she knows that the force is unclear, but the room Incandescent, when all parts are together again, she could understand. The Phoenix recognizes that they are one. The two merge again, but the mental stability of the Phoenix continues to deteriorate. The Cyclops tells the White Queen and the Stepford Cuckoos to telepathically connect all the X-Men of the earth and connect them all to Jean and the Phoenix. The emotional support and love they feel from friends and family of Jean are more than enough to restore the health of the Phoenix that is more than proven when Jean creates a new costume for you (a white and gold) and becomes the White Phoenix.However, while this happens, the Shi'ar cruiser war creates an event horizon above the north pole, which kills them all. But then Cyclops is in another place with Jean before her as the White Phoenix. He tells her to find herself - her pieces, and once doing this then she will know what to do. Jean had all the conserved. But not before they had saved. Jean asks to see her eyes before she and he obeys, bathing them both with its optical power. Jean says goodbye and he finds himself and the other X-Men, alive and well on the ice. Jean saved them all. But not before them to save.Now living once again as the White Phoenix, Jean is returning to the room Incandescent to begin the task of finding the lost fragments of the Phoenix Force that remain scattered through space.
Jean as Phoenix White has full control of the Phoenix, so the Phoenix never leave your body when Emma Frost did in the saga of the Phoenix The Ultimate Song.

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