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''André Rieu''

Marie Nicolas Rieu André Leon, known as Andre Rieu (Maastricht, Netherlands, 1 October 1949) is a Dutch violinist and conductor.At age 60, Andre Rieu, known as the "Ambassador of waltzes," divides the top of the pop charts in Germany, France and Holland, with the likes of Celine Dion, Madonna, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson. Moreover, its exquisite and modern performances earned him the top ranks of the Billboard classical charts. The result is ten million records sold and a successful career in over thirty countries.
Son of an orchestra conductor who made musicians of six children, Andrew has played the violin at age five. But it was only when he played his first waltz, while studying at the conservatory, that passion for music emerged. As a violinist in the Limburg Symphony Orchestra, he had musical activities parallel, independent recording albums. The CD Strauss & Co, released in 1994, came to the U.S. under the title "From Holland with Love", and in France, Spain and Brazil a
s "Waltzes". Various names were not hindered in any way the trajectory of the album that transformed the artist into a phenomenon of critical and sales, with repercussions in their next jobs, such as "The Vienna I Love," "Andre Rieu in Concert" and "The Christmas I Love , "" Love Around the World ", among many others.
He speaks fluently the dialect of Dutch, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, is currently attending classes in Portuguese (but difficult to find the nasal sound of the Portuguese language).
The display shows Andrew in Brazil through the Life Network television, the broadcaster announced that it will one of his presentations in Brazilian territory soon.In 2009 was released in Brazil CD DVD Andre Rieu Live in Australia with the best moments of the show.

Personal Life
Andre Rieu is married to Marjorie since 1975 and has two sons, Marc (b. 1977) and Pierre (born 1981). It also has three grandchildren: Ivan and Linde twin and Lieke.

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