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I am a jealous person and not insult presciso to be superior.Akimichi chief after his father Choza. When young, he often was demoted for not being good in the childish game of "Ninja", a kind of hide and seek, where they were often used shurikens cardboard.His colleagues always spoke ill of him, saying that every team would lose him to enter. One day they just stopped playing. However, he defended Shikamaru, Choji that gave a little hope, however they still lost the chance to play.Choji.pngChoji and his father are later seen talking on the roof of a building, while Choji was still angry at how he was treated by other children, who said that Akimichi were fat and stupid. His father said that few people have a heart so gentle and kind as his, and that one day he would know what was in it and would respect it, and that eventually they would become best friends. A little later, Shikamaru went upstairs. Choji recognized him as one who defended him earlier.He asks Shikamaru why he was not kidding, and Shikamaru replied that it was a bag. He then told Choji that he liked to go in that place to watch the clouds and Choji just sitting in his place. Choji moved to give room. Shikamaru then lay down as he said to Choji that he should watch the clouds with him. That cheered Choji and Shikamaru he quickly asked if he wanted some snacks that he had brought. Shikamaru accepted the offer, leaving Choji very happy.From that day on, the two became best friends
During the time spent in the gym Choji, he was often caught eating in the room or getting into trouble with his fellow Nara Shikamaru, Kiba Inuzuka, Naruto Uzumaki. Together, the four killed or classroom filled the patience of Umino Iruka, his teacher at the Academy and while Naruto killed trying to learn the second step of training the Rasengan, he recalled his days at the Academy, where he, along with Shikamaru, Kiba and Choji had a problem of lack of concentration - where Choji, he was thinking more about food than in the classroom. During the saga involving the 
master of traps Gennō, was mentioned as Shikamaru, Choji, Kiba, and Naruto killed class together and spent time in the training of kunai, which was placed under the Academy, to hide from Iruka.

Personality Choji is a very gentle, polite and careful. These characteristics are its greatest strength, according to his father and his teacher Asuma Choza.He is easily motivated to get food, and gets very agitated when somebody calls him "fat" (he says he has "great bones"). However, he does not hide his love for food and their constant hunger is also an irritant to their partners, they often prioritize instead of eating to stay healthy and work together. The food is also taken seriously silly things as they eat the last potato, causing him to stop eating them Akamaru, and he refuses to let someone else eat the last potato even in a battle. Choji also tends to eat a lot when he is angry. From the Naruto Shippuden, however their eating habits are more controlled and do not interfere with his duties as shinobi.

Choji has a long-standing friendship with Shikamaru. They rely completely on each other, with Shikamaru being one of the few people not to look in the absence of physical Choji, and see that he has a kind heart, recognizing the true strength of Choji. Because of this, Choji has unconditional faith and allegiance to Shikamaru and, if necessary, defend it with your life, what almost happened in his battle against Jirobo. Choji also cares deeply for his mentor, Asuma, and was in a difficult situation when he fought 
with him during the Fourth Great Shinobi War, not wanting to hurt his own teacher, Asuma even called him "fat" in an attempt to enrage him.Also known as "Fausto Silva."

Editing As a member of the Akimichi clan, Choji uses the calories you eat and converts them into their chakra to perform techniques, which is the main reason for the physical size of the members of his clan.The more pronounced ability of Choji and his tremendous physical strength. Shikamaru suggested on the strength of Choji during Saga Escape Sasuke, which was show
n when Choji broke the dome of land Jirobo, what did Time Shikamaru believe him. He is also one of the most suitable for a fight hand-to-body, as seen in sualutacontra Jirobo, where he used his strength without much effort. He is not, however, particularly rapid in his movements.

In Classic Naruto, Choji and Shikamaru says that the strongest member of Team Shikamaru, but he has no confidence in himself. In Naruto Shippūden, he was able to assist against having with his father, Kakashi Hatake and helped to decipher the weakness of Shinra Tensei. After mastering the Calorie Control during the Fourth Great Ninja War, he helped Hiashi Hyuga to dominate his brother Hizashi Hyuga, and restrict Kakuzu with the help of Darui, Kamizuki Izumo and Kotetsu Hagane.TaijutsuChoji attacking lions SaiAt the beginning of the series, the taijutsu of Choji was satisfactory, and could be used with more effect with the techniques and Baika no Jutsu Jutsu Bubun Baika in his clan, which greatly aumantavam the strength of their attacks. It is a type 'strength', using his massive physical strength along with the techniques of his clan to deliver severe attacks. When he fought Jirobo, after eating the Pill Green he was able to knock him out with ease. After eating the Red Pill, forming their butterfly wings, Choji was outlook capable of holding the handle Jirobo easily, which was more remarkable in that his opponent was in the form of Stage 2 of the Cursed Seal, able to lift even its shape giant, and with a single punch Choji was able to kill your opponent.In Naruto Shippuden, the taijutsu of Choji improved immensely. He was able to use the Bubun Baika no Jutsu to effectively destroy some of the lions of Sai. He was also able to stop for a while after two masks Kakuzu grow to an immense size and use the Cho Harite. In Invasion of Pain, he was almost able to destroy massive having a punch, and because of its immense strength Surveillance Authority it was essential to restrict after having Shira Tensei be used. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, he had two chances to reach Asuma Sarutobi risen, but was unable to attack due to his hesitation. After losing her wings and form of chakra he was able to crush Asuma with relative ease, also using the Baika no Jutsu to increase the power of his attack. Despite the power of Chodan Bakugeki, he was unable to damage the Gedo Mazo.

Akimichi Clan Technical Choji using Nikudan SenshaAs an Akimichi, Choji knows various secret jutsu that allow you to expand parts of the body several times more than its normal size, the most common one is the Baika no Jutsu. He uses this technique to perform oNikudan Sensha, where it turns into a giant ball and attacks your enemies going over them. It can also add thorns to this attack to make it more damaging, with a stream of kunai. He can also use the Bubun Baika no Jutsu to extend his arms and legs as well as other body parts.In Naruto Shippuden, the Hari Nikudan Sensha involves no more kunai around him, but instead involves a technique that hardens on your hair extremely sharp thorns covering his body, similar to Hari Jizo Jiraiya. Moreover, Choji no longer need to run the pills Bubun Baika no Jutsu.Akimichi Pills

The three Color PillsChoji can take the Three Colored Pills Akimichi Clan to significantly increase their strength, speed and endurance for a short time.These pills convert fat reserves into chakra of the body, and are considered as a last resort, since they cause major side effects in the body. It is said that the last pill increases the power of a member of the Akimichi Clan 100 times, but is always known to be fatal, although the effects Choji survived, thanks to the Na
ra clan's medical book, and Tsunade's medical expertise. Consuming this pill is to lose most of the fat corpoal, which is converted into a huge amount of chakra, so it shows two giant butterfly wings on the back of the user.
Originally, Choji needed to take these pills in order to use more avançadamente the Bubun Baika no Jutsu and Cho Baika no Jutsu.After two and a half years, however, he can use his own chakra, which has improved, and apply these techniques without having to take pills. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Choji was able to duplicate the effects of the red pill without consuming it. Since we formed the butterfly wings tend to pill, he denied the negative side effects, and can use on a large scale their calories stored safely.The quantity stored in the wings did grow the size of the battlefield after the defeat of Asuma.NíveisDatabook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed ​​Durability Total Hand SealsFirst 3 2 3 1 0.5 0.5 2 1.5 13.5According to 3.5 2 0.5 1 3.5 1 2.5 1.5 15.5Third 4.5 5.0 2.0 2.0 5.0 3.0 5.0 3.0 29.5Choji Akimichi jutsus EditChoji Akimichi jutsus
Baika no JutsuNikudan SenshaDouble Nikudan Sensha

Cho Baika no JutsuBubun Baika no JutsuCho HariteNikudan Hari SenshaChodan Bakugeki

Naruto ClássicoSaga Chunin ExamChoji afraid to fight against the Sound geninsDuring the second phase of the Chunin Exam, Choji was hesitant to join your team to help Sakura Haruno to defeat a team of genins Sound, fearing for his own safety, and begging to let him escape.However, when Zaku Abumi Choji called a "whale," he became enraged and began atacar.Propriamente motivated, Choji fought the genins of sound, but was unable to defeat them. Their actions, ho
wever, gained time until Sasuke woke up and forced them to retreat with the power of the cursed seal.
Choji defeat DosuIn the preliminary examination, Choji began to hesitate about fighting, but Asuma convinced him to fight, promising to take him to a barbecue if he won, and to intervene if he were in danger. In the last match of the preliminaries, Choji was placed against Dosu Kinuta. At the beginning of the fight, Ino Yamanaka shouted that he was fat, so he won the willpower to fight. Using Nikudan Sensha to achieve Dosu, Choji was arrested on the wall when Dosu deviated from the attack. With Choji unable to counterattack, Dosu had an impulse sound on the back of Choji, which was intensified due to the increased size of Choji, defeating o.chojidemorou to recover, but not much because he recovered in time to attend Sasuke and Shikamaru fights, but he was asleep during the surprise invasion of the Leaf.Saga Rescue SasukeEditarShortly after the promotion of the Chunnin Shikamaru, the team celebrated a steakhouse. After a brief conversation about meat, Asuma deisse to Choji that he should eat more and train less. While Choji was depressed for a while Shikamaru persuaded him to be himself.
Time to rescue SasukeWhen Sasuke Uchiha left the Leaf, Choji Shikamaru asked to join the rescue team to Sasuke, Choji which refused. Determined to bring with them Choji, Shikamaru and Naruto ate some of Choji's favorite snacks in front of his house. When they took the last potato, Choji came brusquely through the front door to eat it, saying that the last potato was sacred and that he could not let anyone eat it.Having fallen into the trap of Shikamaru, Choji joined the team to rescue Sasuke.Choji ends JiroboAt the beginning of the mission Choji fought the Quartet Sound Jirobo. Jirobo initially proved too strong for defeating Choji, forcing him to use the three special pills the Akimichi clan. Although reluctant to use the pills, the constant mockery Jirobo Shikamaru as a worthless, selfish and careless leader Choji persuaded to take all three pills. Oo with increased strength, was able to kill Choji Jirobo but collapsed, and was left near death as a result. The medical skill of Tsunade and the Nara clan's medical book allowed Choji avoid death and fully recover.

Pre-ShippudenChoji preparing the mass of the ramen noodlesChoji appeared in some parts, including the rescue Ayame, the daughter of Teuchi. To save it, and its partners Choji (Naruto and Sakura) were forced to create the perfect ramen, which helped Choji Macarao proving and improving their quality when they had their approval.During this, Choji demonstrated a working knowledge of the relationship between ninjas and food:In the episode of the dish ninja was Choji knew about the ninja-cooks of the Country Thunder, whose purpose was to provide the ninjas assets of his country with food, as a mission field, where food may be scarce, getting food was a task that the ninja-cooks should do for themselves, allowing other ninjas focus on mission and not worry about getting food.

Choji holding the jaw of the shark RuigaChoji did very minor appearances at other times, often helping his fellow genin to complete missions. In the Country of Plants Choji joined in the fight against Ruiga Naruto, ninja style Water, and the two were often able to save the life of eac
h other. After Hinata defeated the second of three ninjas, and was seriously injured in the process, sent them away with Naruto Choji. The two were captured, but Shikamaru and several other ninja saved them.
CuriosidadesEditar"Choji" means "Butterfly (Cho)" and "second son (-ji). Choji also manifests butterfly wings made of chakra the third pill after eating, during his fight against Jirobo.The names "Ino", "Shika" and "Cho" is a pun on the winning combination "Ino-Shika-Cho" noHanafuda.Although Ino Choji being regularly ridiculed by their excess weight, on a mission, Ino said his weight is essential to effectively use the ninjutsus of his clan.In the omake of Naruto Shippuden, Choji appears to use the Futon sucking chips, calling it "Futon: Daikyuin" (Wind Style: Great absorption) which infuriates Naruto, wondering what kind of futon was.

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