quarta-feira, 18 de abril de 2012


grizzly bear

At his ranch in the Selkirk mountains of British Columbia, Julius Straussfinds that quad-biking tourists and government-approved bear-culling are turning him into a militant conservationist ...

In the annals of our small and humble valley, it was a notable gathering of scientific minds.
An accomplished skunk man, a bat expert, a Chinese-medicine practitioner and a clutch of bear biologists all gathered around our dinner table last weekend to swap ursine opinions. We had sent out an invitation to the eminences of the local bear world (and their partners) with a view to soliciting their advice on how best to nurture and protect our beautiful grizzly bears.
We also wanted to thrash out best practice on thorny issues such as habituation, discuss the effect of hunting on the bears and assess the provincial government's policies. Perhaps surprisingly, British Columbia, which has an image of being one of the most wildlife-friendly places on earth, still allows grizzly bears to be hunted as trophies. Although the wholesale slaughter of yesteryear is now outlawed, 28 permits are to be given out by the government to hunt grizzlies next spring, just in the area around our ranch.
In the event we talked a little bear, drank a deal of wine and, gorged on Kristin's cooking.........

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