terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012


Sylvie Guillem is a remarkable dancer who, at 43, shows no signs of slowing down. James Woodall witnesses her latest show, "PUSH", and is awed by her liquid precision and seemingly effortless technique ...

There are artists whose ever-greenness delights the world, but behind their survival lies a deeper lesson. Great artists are great because they can draw on resources the rest of us do not possess. Picasso and Ingmar Bergman were incapable of being uncreative or boring until their final breaths.
In the land of the living, Bob Dylan has never stopped, in 46 years of recording and performing, working out how to do something and sound new. As noted here recently, he even proves adept with a paintbrush. Brazilian singer-songwriter Caetano Veloso, 65 and grey-headed, still writes provocatively intense poems for his Bahian soul music. He sings with a voice that appears to have been hatched, yesterday, from honey.
Yet for my money, one of the most exemplary artists at work today is Sylvie Guillem, a French ballerina. I should say ex-ballerina, as she gave up ballet per se some years ago. At 43, she is considerably younger than the above-mentioned legends, but a dancer's fate becomes uncertain the moment she enters her 20s........

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