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Saving the planet is deadly serious business. But why can't it also be funny? Environmentalists have a reputation for being too earnest, Robert Butler writes. Perhaps everyone just needs to hear a good lightbulb joke ...

Global warming
What is the shortest book in the world? "The Environmentalists' Book of Jokes", of course. It's not a hard point to prove. Pick up the 550-page book Man Walks into a Bar, which claims to be the biggest joke book in the world with more than 6,000 entries. The jokes are divided into more than 400 themes that run from accidents to zoos.
Look under C and the index goes from civil servants to cloning. (No mention of climate change.) Look under G and it goes from giraffes to golf. (No mention of global warming.) Look under E, and there's no earth or environment; look under P and there's no planet. This is the future we face: rivers dry up, sea levels rise, animals become extinct”and there won't be a single blonde joke, or lightbulb joke, or three-men-walked-into-a-bar joke about any of it.....

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