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''Biography Marilyn Monroe''

Mrs. Norma Jeane Dougherty, Yank Magazine, 1945.The given name was Marilyn Monroe Norma Jeane Mortensen. She was born in Los Angeles County Hospital. She never knew her biological father, a fact that made her very upset. Many biographers believe that Marilyn's biological father was Charles Stanley Gifford, a sales agent RKO studio, where Gladys Pearl Monroe, Marilyn's mother worked. She was a film editor, but serious psychological problems prevented her from staying on the job and she was admitted to a hospice. The birth certificate says Martin Edward Mortensen, husband of Gladys, is that it is the biological father of Marilyn, but he only recorded since he met Marilyn's mother pregnant. She only received the surname of his stepfather in his name. In an interview to television channel Lifetime, James Dougherty, Marilyn's first husband, said she believed that Gifford was her father, as she once investigated and found that her stepfather before his mother had one boyfriend who was calledGifford.Norma Jeane spent most of his childhood in orphanages and homes of relatives until, in 1937, moved to the house of Grace McKee Goddard family friend. In 1942, Grace's husband was transferred to work for the east coast and the couple could not afford to take Norma Jeane, who was then sixteen. Norma Jeane had two options: Back to the orphanage or get married with her boyfriend.On July 19, 1942 she married Jimmy Dougherty, 21, who was dating for six months. According to Jimmy, she was a sweet, generous and religious and liked to be cuddled. Until then, Norma Jeane loved Jimmy, and they were happy together until he joined the Navy and was transferred to the South Pacific in 1944.After Jimmy left, Norma Jeane took a job at the Radio Plane Munitions factory in Burbank, California. Some months later, photographer David Conover saw her while taking pictures of women who helped the war effort for Yank magazine. He could not believe his luck, for she was a "dream" for any photographer.Norma Jeane posed for a photo session and he began sending proposals to work as a model. The camera loved Norma Jeane, and within two years she became a respectable model and splashed his face on several magazine covers. She began studying the work of legendary actresses Jean Harlow and Lana Turner, and enrolled in acting classes and dreamed of stardom. However, her husband Jimmy returned in 1946, which meant Norma Jeane had to make another choice, this time between her marriage and her career.And Norma Jeane divorced Jimmy in June 1946 because he would not allow her to become an actress. Norma signed your divorce before you even sign his first contract in life, this time it was officially hired by Twentieth Century Fox on August 26, 1946, with a salary of $ 125 per week. Shortly after, dyed his hair blonde and changed her name clearest artistically to Marilyn Monroe, Monroe was the surname of his maternal grandmother's name and Marilyn most chic of the season.

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