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''Mickey Mouse''

The origins of the character

The character Mickey was created May 15, 1928, in silent animated short Plane Crazy. The first sound design was Steamboat Willie, and this is often mistakenly identified as being the first appearance of the final character. His vocal reproduction (dubbing) from Steamboat Willie was played by Walt Disney himself (between 1928 and 1946). It evolved from a simple character of cartooning and comic strips to one of the world's most popular characters. After Walt Disney, was James G. MacDonald assumed that the vocalization of Mickey Wayne Allwine and in 1977, an apprentice of James G. MacDonald who was the voice of Mickey until his death in 2009. Currently, Mickey is voiced by Bret Iwan.

Initially named Mortimer, the character's name was changed to Mickey Mouse at the suggestion of Lillian, wife of Walt Disney, who considered the first formal name for the character too. Initially, Mickey drank and smoked, but the popularity it gained in a short time was so great that Walt Disney decided to make it politically correct in 1930. [4] considered the Disney mouse, an amulet, as his almost immediate success in 1928 did that come out of poverty, therefore rejected several attempts of his associates and subordinates to "kill" the character in the 1930s. [4] He said (and his wife agreed): "I never cared for girls and still not connecting. I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I ever knew. "

In the cartoon (in Brazil, comics) now, your best friends are Pluto and Goofy and his girlfriend éMinnie. There is a line of stories in which the character appears Esquálidus, created by Floyd Gottfredson. In some stories, Mickey used to walk with Donald Duck (according to the Brazilian translation, both live in the same city, Duckburg) but the universes of the two are separated.

Typically, Mickey appears in red shorts and yellow shoes, a tribute to his creator, Walt Disney, made the OrdemDeMolay, which was a member. In other story lines, many different topics are discussed, one of them, Mickey is a detective, and dress coat and all the customary attire. One of the most known is the constant duel with the enemy Breath-of-Oz, and in another subject, also faces the Black Spot.

[Edit] Publication and voiceovers in Portugal and Brazil

Mickey strips were first published in Brazil in the magazine O Tico Tico in 1930, this publication was called Mickey Mouse curious. [6] Currently in Portugal and Brazil to publish comic magazines lies with Editora Abril. In addition to his own monthly title, Mickey was featured as a character in one of Disney Books Disney and Big Book (1977).

In the Brazilian dub, the character was originally voiced by Luis Manuel in the 60 and 70, and then replaced in the 80 (later Louis came to dub Mickey again, sometimes in the 90s, in the redublagem How Good Fun, and in short in the studio dubbed Sincrovídeo and Delart VHS as "Goofy's Greatest Hits", and others). In the 80s the character was assumed by Cleonir dos Santos, replacing Luis Manuel (Cleonir Donald did sometimes, in voiceovers where Luis Manuel did Mickey). In the late '80s with the release of the VHS of Disney, Mickey won the voice of Orlando Viggiani (more like the original voice made by Luis Manuel in the 60s). Mickey has been done also by Nizo Neto (some episodes), Manolo Rey (from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"), Sergio Moreno (in modern productions), and is currently voiced porGuilherme Briggs in "The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." In Portugal, the dubbing was the same used in Brazil until the time that Portugal has to do their own voiceovers, and since then the voice of the character is voiced by actor Rui Paulo.

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