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Homebox {{| Name = Hinata Hyūga}} Template: Box-Hinata Hinata Hyūga (日向 ヒナタ, Hyūga Hinata) is a supporting character in Naruto series. She is a level kaunoichi Hyūga Chunin clan of Konohagakure and a member of Team 8.

Personality == == Hinata is shy, soft-spoken and polite. She is gentle, a trait that Neji considered a failure, and do not like to compete and fight. Possibly as a result of his father's contempt for her, Hinata lacks self-confidence, but works very hard. She is also incredibly friendly, and because of their education, is one of the few characters that identifies with the painful childhood of Naruto and his desire to be recognized. Generally, Hinata chooses to think carefully before acting, and when it comes to gathering enough self-confidence, it can be surprisingly competent. These moments usually occur when trust Naruto is near or for the benefit of Naruto. It becomes more open about their beliefs during the course of the series Classic in Shippūden, Hinata is more confident in general and demonstrates a willingness to take decisive action, unlike before.

Hinata has a long admiration, which has turned into unquestioning love for Naruto. From the beginning, the affection for Naruto Hinata was very obvious to almost all the characters, except himself, who remained oblivious to her feelings. In fact, Naruto Hinata felt strange to be with, sometimes, since she was unable to articulate themselves in his presence. Nevertheless, he had some kind of concern for her, had shown how the two get along very well with each other. As the series progresses, Hinata shows even more fiercely as she believes it. The absence of Naruto for two and a half years has not diminished Hinata's feelings for him and, in fact, she fainted when she saw him again. During the invasion of Pain, Hinata finally confessed her love for Naruto and also was willing to die to protect him. This event was really the only time she spoke with Naruto without fear.

Hinata gets along well with his teammates. Kiba's actions with her are often motivated by their concern for her, as when he asked her to lose, if it were placed against Neji or Gaara during the Chunin exams. Shino has a quiet confidence in Hinata, and makes people have security in it, without doubting its potential or worry about it. Hinata is also very close to his sensei, Kurenai, which is not only interested in Hinata's growth as a ninja, but also as a person. She knows the difficulties passed by Hinata, and her relationship with her father and why Kurenai Hinata tries to train the best ways she knows that her students will respond better. After Hinata be beaten last time by Neji Chunin exam, Kurenai silently commended for their perseverance. By the end of the classic Naruto, Hinata has improved her relationship with her cousin Neji and his father, and began training with them two.

Appearance == == Hinata has dark blue hair, fair skin and usually turns red when it is close to Naruto. Like the rest of her clan, she possesses the Byakugan and her eyes are supposed to pale mauve, becoming almost white.

In Naruto Classic, his hair was short, with length up to her chin, she wore a hooded jacket with light brown that had a fire symbol on the sleeves and navy blue pants. Since becoming a Genin, she used her Konoha bandana around his neck. During Naruto Shippūden, Hinata becomes a Chunin, his hair is long reaching to the waist, and now uses a lilac jacket with navy blue pants and black sandals. She still wears his bandana around his neck, while the cloth is black. In one of omakes, she is seen wearing a beige coat and blue scarf tied in a bandanna style.

Like the rest of the Konoha 11, excluding Naruto, she is now wearing a jacket Konoha, unlike your old clothes.

Past == History ===== ===Hinata as a child.Hinata is the eldest daughter of the leader of Clan Hyūga, Hiashi Hyuga, it is also the main house, so the heir to the clan. Although small, Hinata was kidnapped by a ninja from Kumogakure. His father killed the kidnapper to save her, but Kumogakure demanded Hiashi's death the death of his ninja. This resulted in the death of Hinata's uncle, Hizashi Hyuga, who sacrificed himself in the place of his brother. This was the incident that caused the right hate Neji Hyūga for members of the family's main clan, especially for Hinata.

Perhaps because of his position as heir, Hiashi had high expectations for Hinata and subjected to a thorough training. However, the slowness and fragility of Hinata desmotivou his father until finally he found his daughter a lost cause. Instead, Hiashi decided to focus only on the younger sister of Hinata, Hanabi Hyuga, which showed more potential than Hinata. By the time Hinata joined the Team 8, Hiashi has not had her hopes, leaving the care and protection of his daughter to Kurenai Yūhi.

Hinata's relationship with her father caused her to lose more faith in herself and then she used to spend most of the time crying alone. When she met Uzumaki Naruto, his perception changed dramatically. Like other children of Konoha, she did not know why Naruto was rejected by the villagers. She was amazed that despite Naruto not have anyone at his side, he never gave up believing that it could become something as important as the Hokage. In the anime, at one point shown, Naruto Hinata protected from the insults of some boys. Despite not knowing it, Naruto refused to let the kids insult and mistreat her. Naruto then beat the boys, who later beat naruto harder. Shocked by how Naruto wanted to help her in order to be recognized, like herself, Hinata was inspired. As Naruto, who wanted to become stronger and never gave up, she wanted to be recognized. This admiration for him, over time, began to make love, despite the warnings of the elders to stay away from Naruto.

Naruto Chunin Exam === ======= ====Hinata in Naruto Classic.When the Chunin exams started, Hinata came in with his teammates in an attempt to change herself. During the first phase, she was sitting next to Naruto, and when Naruto was struggling to complete the written test, she offered him his race look. However, after a student being caught fishing after them, he refuses to look at the proof of it, it may not have problems, and because he was too proud to be able to fish in the race. The inspiring speech of Naruto at the end of the first phase of the examination gave confidence to all other students not to give up, so Ibiki Morino passes all the teams who have not given up or who refused to answer the tenth question.

In the second phase of the examination, within the Forest of Death, Team 8 quickly could the scroll required, making it one of the first teams to finish the race. When Kiba and Akamaru smelled a second target, they witnessed the fight between the brothers of the sand against another team. After Gaara kill the opposing team, Team 8 remain hidden behind a bush, so as not to be found and killed. Soon after, Team 8 are the second phase of the examination.

The fight against Neji and Hinata.In the preliminaries, Hinata had to face his cousin, Neji. At the beginning of the fight, Neji Hinata telling her that offended a loser can never change. These words left angry and pushed Naruto yelling at Hinata fight, it gave strength to fight against his cousin Hinata. After some time, Neji and Hinata surpasses most of their hits Chakra points, but she did not give up. Neji is surprised to see that she did not give up. Angry later tries to attack Neji Hinata, to finally kill her, but the present there Jōnins stop the fight, stopping the movement of Neji before he could kill Hinata. So the victory was awarded to Neji and Hinata was taken by Iryōnins to be careful. Then, Naruto puts his fingers in the blood of Hinata and puts his hand towards Neji, promising to defeat him.

Some time later, Naruto, who was going to happen where the final rounds of the Chunin Exam, Hinata found in training camp. When he began to doubt himself, she says he never gave up, which was something she admired, and had given him more confidence after he sprained her. This gave courage to go face Neji Naruto. Later, Hinata and Kiba appear together in the stands of the place of watching the final rounds of the fight against Neji Naruto. During this match, Hinata begins to feel sick due to his fight against Neji, and ends up fainting, without seeing the victory of Naruto. Kiba, then, is a member of the ANBU Hinata healing and leads to medical care. During the Invasion of Orochimaru in Konoha, Hinata was still unconscious, but was cured.

The Search for Bikōchū ==== ==== During the sagas fillers of Naruto before Naruto Shippūden, the mission is assigned to Team 8 and Naruto to capture an insect called Bikōchū, which has the sense of smell a thousand times more powerful than that of humans. With this insect, they have the goal of knowing the whereabouts of Sasuke Uchiha. During this saga, shows much of the training Hinata, being aided by his companion, Shino and Kiba. In this mission, the ninjas of Konoha become adversaries of Clan Kamizuru Trio, who also was seeking the Bikōchū. The brothers of the clan were not found by Kamizuru Shino, Hinata, Kiba and Naruto. Then in one of his attempts, Hinata finds Bikōchū. Later, Suzumebachi, and Jibachi Kurobachi capture Hinata and make hostage in order to change the Bikōchū the girl. Hinata is then placed in a cocoon for Jibachi Kurobachi and within a creek that leads directly to a deep cave. Meanwhile, the other Suzumebachi captured with a trap. However, Hinata, wanted to continue the mission and try to leave the cocoon Jūken used, but a bee left by opponents cut the rope that Mantia Hinata in the creek and the cocoon begins to move toward the abyss of the cave, in time, Hinata can be drop the cocoon and survive the fall.

Hinata is preparing to use the Shugo Hakke Rokujūyon Shō.Later, the trio clan Kamizuru want to kill Naruto, Shino and Kiba, until suddenly and surprisingly appears Hinata uses Shugo Hakke Rokujūyon Shō, leaving Naruto impressed, and defending its allies and defeat opponents. Although the technique has finished and Jibachi Kurobachi, Suzumebachi, appears and claims the Queen Bee, except that this is defeated by Naruto's Rasengan. When the time comes the Bikōchū track the scent of Sasuke, he just tracking the smell of fart Naruto, making the outcome of the mission a failure. The Team 8 and Naruto return to Konoha, where Hinata goes to training with his father and his cousin.

Naruto Shippūden The === Sanbi ======= ==== After a few brief appearances in Naruto Shippūden, Team 8, now led by Kakashi Hatake in the anime, he is sent to investigate one of Orochimaru's hideouts. Besides investigating, there would also be an opportunity to find Sasuke, meanwhile, Naruto was training with Jiraiya, Hinata so expect to be able to find Sasuke to him. Hinata used her Byakugan to follow the trail of chakra cursed seal of the recipient to the hideout. This ended up being a trap, and the cache was destroyed shortly after the Team 8 found. They did not give up and continued the search.

Hinata immobilized by crystal Guren.In the first encounter with Team 8 Team Guren, Hinata fought Nurari. Due to the skills of Nurari the Jūken of Hinata was completely useless. In the end she was saved by his teammates. Soon after, they ecnontraram Guren, a user of Shoton, which your Shoton: Suishō Meikyū no Jutsu caused disturbed vision in one of Byakugan Hinata. Inside the forest, Hinata fought valiantly against Guren using Hakke Sanjūni Shō and defeating the opponent, but she was just a clone of the crystal. The real Guren appeared behind Hinata and crystallized using the Shoton: RO Suishō no Jutsu, making it hostage. Later, Team 8, helped with Team Kakashi, Hinata managed to rescue, discovering that she had broken the crystal releasing chakra throughout his body.

After his wounds healed Sakura, Hinata watched two teams of Konoha during an ambush of their opponents, using your Byaugan to see inside a smoke screen of enemies. When the fight was interrupted by a tsunami, Hinata used her Byakugan to find the source: the Sanbi. 8 The Times, Kakashi, along with Shizune, Rock Lee, Tenten and Ino, who had just arrived, they received instructions from Godaime Hokage to avoid capture of Biju and seal it. Hinata, due to its great chakra control, was placed on the Seal Team, along with Sakura, Ino and Shizune to seal the Sanbi. Time Guren interrupted the process of sealing, in another attempt, the team was caught by a wave created by Sanbi. Until he came to try to seal the creature with Three-Tails, but the sealing was unsuccessful. These failures did ask for the Times Tsunade back to Konoha, and let the ANBU responsible for sealing. But those plans were interrupted due to the presence of Tobi and Deidara, who captured the Sanbi and led to the Akatsuki.

Hunt for Itachi Uchiha ==== ==== Time 8 was recruited to assist Team Kakashi to find Itachi Uchiha, after learning that Sasuke killed Orochimaru. They split into small teams to try to find him, and Hinata was added to the group of Naruto and Yamato. They soon found a Kabuto Yakushi, where to use the Byakugan Hinata, saw that one third of Kabuto had been taken by Orochimaru. Later, when the Squadron Eight regroups, they encounter Tobi, who seemed to be blocking your path to Sasuke. During the battle that followed, Hinata was in charge of using his Byakugan to follow every sign of Tobi's chakra. When Tobi left after receiving word that Sasuke had killed Itachi, Konoha ninjas tried to reach the field of battle of the Uchiha brothers in time, but it was too late, Sasuke and Itachi will estavão not there anymore, forcing Kakashi and Team 8 to return to Konoha.

Invasion of Pain ==== ==== When Konoha was destroyed during the invasion of Pain, it was shown that Hinata survived without serious injury due to the company of his bodyguards, Kō Hyūga. How Kō was hurt, Hinata tried to find him medical attention, but he refused, admitting that his only concern was her safety. Then Hinata watched Naruto's fight against Pain. Realizing that the enemy was winning, Naruto Hinata ran to help, she was stopped by Kō, who warned that it would only worsen the struggle. Hinata did not accept the words of his bodyguards and went to the battlefield. Fewer know that he had no capacity to defeat someone so powerful with Pain, Hinata entered the battle. She stepped in front of Naruto to avoid the approaching enemy, Naruto then asked her to get out because she would just throw away your life, and Hinata replied that he was not afraid to die if it was to protect him, because she love.

Hinata's fight against Pain.In the anime, she was able to remove some of the Black Spear Naruto's body. Then it is repelled twice by Shinra Tensei by Pain. Decided, so the Juho Sōshiken Hinata in your hands and start a short-range combat with Pain. She still manages to strike a blow in Pain, but it is again repelled. Fully Finished, Hinata crawling on the floor to get Naruto to be able to pull a spear from his hand, Pain, then wonders why someone as weak as she is still struggling, and Hinata says she does not go back to his word, because this is your ninja path. Soon after it has finished speaking, Hinata is attacked by útilma time by Shinra Tensei, and then stabbed with a spear of Pain, being immobilized on the ground. In the manga, Hinata loves Naruto just admit that, and soon after enabling Juho Sōshiken, she is attacked and stabbed.

After the defeat of right in front of Hinata, Naruto loses control and gets to become the kyubi with six tails, while Hinata only saw his fight against Pain.

When Naruto and Pain left the territory of Konoha, still struggling, Team Gai arrives and sees Hinata on the ground. They are Sakura healing Hinata's wounds. Was healed, Hinata is relieved to know that naruto defeated Pain. Soon after, when Naruto returned to the village as a hero, Hinata cried with joy, and was later seen smiling with the other residents of celebrating the victory of Konoha Naruto.

Meeting ==== ==== Five Kage Hinata and the rest of the Konoha 11, with the exception of Team 7, decided that with the criminal actions of Sasuke, they must eliminate him personally before he can engage in a war against Konoha. After Naruto to be informed, he told them to leave the situation with him Sasuke.

World War Ninja ==== ====File: Second Divisão.PNGHinata and Neji are assigned to the Second Division.Hinata is subsequently transferred to the Second Division of the Allied Forces Shinobi along with Neji Hyuga, and Kurotsuchi Karui. She commented that she was a little nervous while Karui told him that war was nothing to worry about. However, she instantly noticed that many ninjas do not trust each other because of the years to enemy villages, which also worried.

His team is then sent to an area where the army of white zetsus were discovered underground. When Kitsuchi Kurotsuchi and used a technique to remove the army zetsus land, she and Neji attacked simultaneously with Hakke Kūhekishō. Later, during the battle, Hinata saves Neji the attack of a White Zetsu.File: Naruto saves Hinata.pngHinata is saved by Naruto. At the end of the first day of battle, he was exhausted after Neji, Hinata took her place next to Shino. Shino when I told her not to worry as he already had put his kikaichūs throughout the area to help detect the enemy, Hinata thanked him but told him that the failure was not an option, since it was a war to protect their Naruto loved. The next morning, she and his division were fighting an army of white zetsus.

While fighting, she was attacked by three undercover zetsus Kumo ninjas, but ninjas attacks were intercepted by a clone of Naruto who arrived just in time. After Kiba, AkamaruFicheiro: Neji and Hinata seguemn.pngHinata and Neji going towards Naruto., Neji and Shino come in place, requires that Naruto Neji proves that he is truly Naruto. But Hinata defends Naruto, saying it gives to realize that he is truly Naruto just looking in your eyes. She laments the fact that she wanted to protect Naruto, and again he who protected. Naruto then saw his pain, and noted that it is very strong, telling her help during the invasion of Pain, which she silently thanked. The team then moves to defeat the remaining enemies.

When the Alliance is informed by Q.G that Naruto and B were coping well with the masked Madara, Hinata, along with Neji says that things will change, and asks him to wait for this time, she was beside him holding his hand and, along with the rest of the Konoha 11 continues heading towards Naruto.

== Abilities == Like his teammates, she is a skilled tracker and you can use your Byakugan to see long distances, as well as it can see through objects, among other things.

Byakugan === ===The Byakugan and Hinata.As a member of Clan Hyūga, Hinata possesses the Byakugan, a Kekkei Genkai eye, or a dōjutsu, which gives an X-ray vision and almost 360 degrees of vision (the Byakugan has a blind spot in the back), plus it networks allow you to see chakra. Hinata can focus the vision of his Byakugan to dramatically increase its ability toward something. During the search for Bikōchū Saga, she was able to use his Byakugan and extend your zoom, effectively seeing every little insects in the area. Using his Byakugan in a similar fashion, Hinata, you can see many bees around and hit them correctly. In Naruto Shippūden, during his fight against Guren, Hinata shows the field under his Kekkei Genkai able to overcome the labirito Guren's crystal that reflects light producing duplicate pictures of Hinata. However, when Hinata can focus on your target, worked his Byakugan enough for her to see exactly the Guren's chakra network.

Gentle Fist Style === ===File: Hinata Juuken.pngThe style of soft handle Hinata.Like other member of his clan, Hinata is specialized in Jūken, which harnesses the ability of the Byakugan to see the flow of chakra in the opponent's body. The Jūken allows the direct cause serious damage to your opponents chakra and affect their circulatory systems and internal organs, and with just a slight touch. As the Byakugan can see all 361 tenketsus, Hinata can use Jūken to not only damage the opponent, but also to control the flow of his chakra. However, when Hinata is first introduced, he is considered weak by the standards of the clan Hyūga, being neither as strong or as fast as Neji.Hinata using Juho Sōshiken.Hinata shows a series of new skills in Naruto Shippūden and appears more formidable in combat. In the anime, during the Sanbi Saga, Hinata makes a smaller version of Hakke Rokujūyon Shō called Hakke Sanjūni Shō, who had worked during their training time. Hinata continued to develop its natural flexibility. When fighting against Nurari in the anime, Hinata was able to dodge almost all attacks Nurari despite his elastic body. When later fought Pain in the anime, their attacks were strong enough to take the spear that was restricting the movement of Naruto. It also shows the Juho Sōshiken, with which during the story, it is capable of attacking Pain. It also showed a new technique with Neji the Kūhekishō Hakke, which is a variation of Hakke Kusho.

Chakra Control === ===Hinata using chakra blades to form Shugo Hakke Rokujūyon ShōAfter the Chunin Exams, Hinata trained to become stronger, helped in its development control chakra, making it excellent. The results of this training are shown in the Search Bikōchū, where she is seen training alongside a waterfall, and then forms a sphere of water around itself. is shown later, Hinata forming needles of chakra to attack an examination of bees. Finally to conclude this saga, Hinata revealed an original technique, the Shugo Hakke Rokujūyon Shō. With this, it emits streams of chakra from her palms to create extremely sharp blades that can be used to strike any target in your field of vision. Due to her excellent chakra control and her natural flexibility, Hinata can freely manipulate the size and strength of the blades of chakra, allowing it to effectively use this technique to attack and defend simultaneously.

In Naruto Shippūden, the chakra control chakra Hinata has advanced to the point where it outperform most other Konoha 11. In the saga of the Sanbi, although not a Iryōnin, his chakra control was mentioned as being at least on par with one, as she was selected to run the Kekkai Shiho Fujin along with Sakura, Ino and Shizune. Ino, despite having trained as a Iryōnin, had trouble keeping and control your chakra to maintain the seal, unlike Hinata, who managed with relative ease.

=== Statistics === {| border = "1" cellpadding = "3" cellspacing = "0" class = "wikitable" style = "text-align: center; width: 50%; font-size: 100%" ! Databook! Ninjutsu! Taijutsu! Genjutsu! Intelligence! Force! Agility! Stamina! Stamps Books! Total | -! First | 1.5 | 2.5 | 1.0 | 2.5 | 1.0 | 2.0 | 1.5 | 2.0 | 14.0 | -! Under | 1.5 | 3.0 | 1.0 | 3.0 | 1.0 | 2.0 | 1.5 | 2.0 | 15.0 | -! Third | 3.0 | 3.5 | 2.5 | 3.5 | 1.5 | 2.5 | 2.0 | 3.0 | 21.5 |}

Trivia == ==Hinata in Jitensha.* Hinata name means "sunny place". It can be written with exactly the same kanji, his last name, Hyūga (日 向). * Despite its great absence in the original series, Hinata is very popular in Surveys popularity of Naruto characters, often being within the top 10 of pesonagens favorites. She was placed 10th in the first in 6th in the second, 12 in the fourth, the fifth in 9th and 13th in the sixth. In 2010 the American "Good Guys" poll, Hinata finished third with 11% of the vote almost a tie for second with 12% of Shikamaru. * At the end of some episodes of the saga of the Invasion of Pain, Hinata appears in a different set of clothes, riding a bicycle. This closure had the soundtrack music Jitensha. * Although not shown in the history of manga and anime, the opening of the seventh Naruto Shippūden, Hinata fighting Konan appears, along with Sakura and Ino. * Although not the heroine of the series, Masashi Kishimoto said that at the time of interview in 2010, Hinata would make a better role than heroin Sakura. ** This is a further enlarged in the omake episode 165, where Sakura Hinata accused of trying to become the main heroine of the series because of its enormous popularity. * According to the databook: ** The hobby is Hinata pressed flowers. Want to ** Hinata fighting Neji and Hiashi Hyūga Hyūga. ** Hinata's favorite food is zenzai (sweet bean) and a cinnamon bun, while the least favorite is crab and shrimp. Hinata ** officers completed 33 missions in total: 10 D-rank, 14 C-rank, rank 8-B, an A-rank, 0 S-rank. ** Hinata's favorite word is "self-confidence" (自信, jishin).

Phrases == * == (To Neji) "I'll never go back on my word, because that is my ninja way!" '* (To Neji) "You're wrong, Neji ... Because I can see you is suffering more than me ... You're the one who is confused and hurting inside. "' * (To Naruto) "When I see you, I feel strong, like you could do anything - even if I am worth something." '* (To Naruto) "You make mistakes ... but because ... of errors ... you have the strength to face them ... so I think you're really strong. "'* (For Pain)" I will not let you hurt Naruto! "' * (To Naruto) "I used to always cry and give up ... I made many wrong choices ... But you ... You helped me find the right way ... I always follow you ... I wanted to walk at your side all the time. .. I just wanted to be with you ... You changed me! Your smile is what saved me! That's why I'm not afraid to die protecting you! ... Because I love you ...

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