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*** Wonder Woman ***

Wonder Woman  is a superhero comic books and cartoons of DC Comics . She is the princess of Themyscira ( sometimes called Paradise Island ), daughter of the Queen of the Amazons , Hippolyta . Her mother created from a clay image , to which five goddesses of Olympus gave life and presented him with superpowers . As an adult , was sent to the " world of men " to spread a peace mission and fight the god of war , Ares. Became a member of the Justice League , as well as Superman and Batman . It was the first heroine to be created in 1941 by DC Comics . Debuted in All Star Comics # 8 ( Dec. 1941) .
In an interview dated October 25, 1940 , conducted by his student Olive Byrne ( under the pseudonym ' Olive Richard " ) and published by Family Circle with the title" Do not laugh at the Comics " , William Moulton Marston described what he saw as the educational potential of comic books ( an article gave the following interview and was published two years later in 1942 ) .1 This article caught the attention of Max Gaines , who hired Marston as an educational consultant of the National Periodicals and All- American Publications, two of the companies that would merge to form the future DC Comics . It was at this time that Marston decided to create a new superhero .
In the early 1940s , DC Comics was dominated by superpowered male characters such as Green Lantern , Batman , and the main one , Superman . Is attributed to the wife of Marston , Elizabeth Holloway Marston , the idea of creating a super -heroine :
Cquote1.svg William Moulton Marston , a psychologist already famous for inventing the polygraph ( forerunner mechanical magic lasso ) , had the idea for a new kind of superhero , one who would triumph not with fists or powers , but with love. " Good ," said Elizabeth . " But do you a mulher.2 " Cquote2.svg
Marston introduced the idea to Max Gaines , cofounder ( along with Jack Liebowitz ) of All- American Publications. Marston developed Wonder Woman with Elizabeth.2 For creating Wonder Woman , Marston was also inspired by Olive Byrne Charles , a woman who lived with him in situations of poligamia3 To write the comic adventures of the new superhero , Marston used the pseudonym Charles Moulton , combined his middle name with Olive .
Hence , " Wonder Woman is psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who should rule the world," Marston escreveu.4 Although Gloria Steinem had placed Wonder Woman on the first standalone cover of Ms. in 1972 , Marston , writing well before , designed Wonder Woman to represent a particular model of female power . Feminism argues that women are equal to men and should be treated as they are.

Basically , Wonder Woman is a Caucasian woman with black hair ( which have been short, long , curly , straight ) , using a golden tiara with a star, a costume that combines red bustier with a golden eagle as a symbol ( being replaced by a double " W " in the 1980s by then) , blue shorts with white stars and long boots vermelhas.6 After the civil war in which his mother was deposed from the throne of the Amazons , Wonder Woman stopped wearing the tiara .
Powers and abilities
The powers of Wonder Woman are huge :Physical Strength : Wonder Woman is considered the strongest female character in the comics , she having a huge physical strength ( comparable to Superman ) , so that she can , with ease , lift tons .Ability to Fly: The character is still able to fly , and can currently reach supersonic speed .Superhuman agility : Wonder Woman possess a level of agility extremely high , much higher levels of human , causing it to catch a bullet in the air , for example.
It is said to have the strength of Hercules , the wisdom of Athena , the beauty of Aphrodite and Hermes speed . In the Pre -Crisis era , it was only the gift of planar (a few feet off the ground ) , this ability being replaced years later by the ability to fly itself ( given in current versions ) .
Is also trained in all the fighting skills of armed and unarmed ancient Greece . Foreign languages ​​Themysciriana , ancient and modern Greek , English, Portuguese , Spanish, French , Japanese, Chinese , German, Russian , Italian, Korean , Hindi , among others .
Weapons and equipment
Wonder Woman , beyond the powers of the gods received gifts that help increase your skills : two indestructible bracelets , which uses to deflect projectiles and lightning , a tiara that can be used as a boomerang , and a unbreakable magic lasso that makes people touched tell the truth. The loop also made the god Ares see the folly of their actions , because they destroy all humans would have no more worshipers . In later stories , written by Joe Kelly ( the bow " Imperfect Paradise " , the comic book / comic book Justice League ) explained that this tie (sometimes nicknamed the lasso of truth ) is a symbol of truth in our world , leaving Wonder Woman , so the role of guardian of the truth . Wonder Woman had a kind of radio receiver / transmitter telepathic waves , with whom he could communicate with the Amazons who were Themiscyra .
In the original Wonder Woman had an invisible plane made ​​of metal dummy Amazonium ( because it did not fly ) , because of many jokes ( in MAD magazine , for example) and it was gradually being withdrawn from the stories . But its use highlighted in the TV series of the 1970s and the drawings of the Super Friends , caused him to be reused a few times during this period . With the release of Wonder Woman by George Perez , it was established that she can fly with his own powers and the aircraft was discarded . Recently, the plane was reinstated the chronology , with a dowry of lansiranianos race of aliens .
The Paradise Island was inhabited by the ancient Amazons of mythology , and there were no men on the island . Wonder Woman came into the world on Paradise Island as a girl statue created by Hippolyta , queen of the Amazons . So in love with his sculpture , the queen asked the gods to give life figure , and was met ( similar to the Greek myth of Pygmalion ) . Named Diana . Along with life , the gods also gave various skills the little girl , who was already at an early age strongest able to boot a tree bare hands and outrun a gazelle .
When Diana was an adult, Steve Trevor , U.S. Air Force pilot with his plane crashed on Paradise Island . The Queen Hippolyta decreed that the rider who won several competitions including the commission would have to take Steve back to the United States , and become a champion on behalf of the Amazons on American soil . Prohibited from participating by his mother , Diana disguised herself and won the contest , which included gunfights on Kangoos ( native species of Kangaroo Island Paradise) , racing competition , and trim bullets with her ​​bracelets .
Wonder Woman adopted the secret identity of Diana Prince , a nurse from the U.S. Air Force . He was in love with Steve Trevor . In this version she really did not fly ( glide on air currents ) and wore a telepathic wave radio . In the story published in Sensation Comics # 1 , January 1942 , had a nurse named Diana Prince , which helped Wonder Woman . This Diana agreed to let the superhero , who wished to be on the side of the patient Steve Trevor , assume his identity while she went to be with her ​​soldier boyfriend , who was in South America One of the supporting characters was the most successful chubby Etta Candy , one of the fans of Wonder Woman called " Girls Hollyday " ( as translated into Portuguese in the Brazilian magazine " Collection # 3 DC 70 years " , the Panini Publishing , July 2008 ) .
As opponents , Wonder Woman had many classic villains from the Golden Age of Comics ( Evil ( originally from Saturn) , Giganta , Cheetah , Queen Clea ( Atlantis ) , Dr. Poison , the priestess Zara ) , some was reformulated in Silver and still appearing in modern stories .
In 1969 , the Amazons reached its 10,000 th year on earth , and it had to be deported to another dimension in order to renew their powers . Wonder Woman refused to accompany them , as Steve Trevor , her lover, had been guilty of high treason by the United States , and she wanted to meet him and help clear his name . As a result , Diana lost her powers and requested removal of the Justice League .
Diana abandoned traditional clothing and glasses , and began to adopt a new look , to call the attention of Steve and make him forget Wonder Woman and began using the name Diana Prince . She , in this state , he starred in a series whose title in Portuguese was The Adventures of Diana ( published in Brazilian Who Was ? 's Ebal8 with some stories reprinted by April) , which was a kind of secret agent , assisted by I - Ching , a master oriental .
The absence of powers lasted until 1972 when Gloria Steinem , publisher of real feminist magazine Ms. Magazine (mentioned above ) , offended by the fact that most superhero being powerless to put on the cover of Ms. Magazine # 1 with his original costume . This sparked controversy , and DC quickly in February 1972 , restored Wonder Woman with her ​​costume and powers clássicos.9
" Death "
At the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths , Wonder Woman received a flurry of Anti-Monitor , which disappeared so that your body back in time , back to clay of Paradise Island . A final tribute to Wonder Woman Pre -Crisis was seen in Legend of Wonder Woman, miniseries written by Kurt Busiek , 1986. In this saga, the Amazons gather before Hippolyta , an adventure that tells Diana that was before his " death " . At the end , the goddess Aphrodite appears and says that he was using his power to keep this pre -crisis version of Paradise Island and its inhabitants part of the changes caused by the Crisis on Infinite Earths , Hippolyta says he does not want it . Aphrodite then meets his application , eliminating the shields on the mystical island. The island and the amazons pre -crisis begin to dissolve , as if they never existed . As a final punishment , Aphrodite turns them into stars . All memories and existence of this version of the island - Paradise , like Wonder Woman 's Pre - Crisis, cease to exist ...
Post- crisis The first appearance of Wonder Woman at DC post- Crisis timeline , is Wonder Woman vol . 2 , No. 1 ( Feb. 1987). As super -heroine acting with other heroes , she appeared in the miniseries Legends .
According to the last reset of the chronology of Wonder Woman by George Perez made ​​after the Crisis on Infinite Earths , Hippolyta and the rest of the Amazons would be the reincarnation of women throughout history have died as a result of hatred and misunderstanding of men. In case, Hippolyta was the first woman killed by a man ; Princess Diana ( Wonder Woman ) was the embodiment of unborn daughter of this woman . Before being exiled on Paradise Island , the Amazons lived in Greece , where they were banned after a conflict with Heracles ( Hercules ) and his armies . Wonder Woman would only come to the world of men after crisis , which also caused it not to have participated in the founding of the Justice League . Currently she has no secret identity . Wonder Woman won Gaia , the Earth Goddess , the power of telepathy and also the power of the bracelets , which when touched unleash bursts capable of hurting cosmic super- beings , besides, of course , any telepath can invade your mind , thanks to the tiara. Etta Candy would marry an old man Steve Trevor , reintroduced in the current adventures .

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