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'' Aprenda advérbio ou adjetivo em Inglês* ''

Adjectives- Adjetivos

Adjectives Modify Nouns- Adjetivos modificam os substantivos
Adjetivos são colocados diretamente antes de um substantivo
Tom is an excellent singer.
I bought a comfortable chair.
She’s thinking about buying a new house.
Adjectives are also used in simple sentences with the verb ‘to be’. In this case, the adjective describes the subject of the sentence:
Jack is happy.
Peter was very tired.
Mary’ll be excited when you tell her.
Os adjetivos são usados com os verbos sentido ou verbos ou aparência (sentir, gostar, cheirar, som, aparecer e parecer)
para modificar o substantivo que vem antes do verbo:
The fish tasted awful.
Did you see Peter? He seemed very upset.
I’m afraid the meat smelled rotten.
Adverbs- Advérbios

Advérbios modifica os verbos, adjetivos e outros advérbios
Advérbios são facilmente reconhecidos, pois termina em ‘-ly’ (com algumas exceções!):
Adjective -> careful / Adverb -> carefully
Adjective -> quick / Adverb -> quickly
Adverbs are often used at the end of a sentence to modify the verb:
Jack drove carelessly.
Tom played the match effortlessly.
Jason complained about his classes constantly.
Adverbs are used to modify adjectives:
They seemed extremely satisfied.
She paid increasingly high prices.
I was suddenly surprised by Alice.
Adverbs are also used to modify other adverbs:
The people in the line moved incredibly quickly.
She wrote the report unusually neatly.

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