segunda-feira, 16 de setembro de 2013

*** The 10 strangest homes found worldwide ***

Look and admire the architecture of a home is very exciting knowing that all the details are always designed by architects seeking the best comfort of the residents of the house in question, always taking into account the number of family members, if there are children or not, and what the way of life of them. But now what you think of living in one of these strange houses?

1. The Dancing House in Prague

2. The Tree House in Cincinnati

3. Home environmentally friendly round in Austrália

4. Apartments in the forest spiral in Germany

5. UFO style homes Sanjhih, Taiwan

6. House inspired space in Chicago

7. Crooked house in Poland

8. Cheetah House in Chicago

9. Shell House in the Caribbean

10. House of the stone age in Portugal

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