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''Pretty Little Liars''

Pretty Little Liars (evil  (title in Brazil) or Small liars (title in Portugal) is a television series, drama and suspense of the genre created by Marlene King. Based on the book series of the same name, written by Sara Shepard. In the U.S. the series premiered on June 8th, 2010 at ABC Family. In Brazil the same day debuted March 30, 2011 for pay channel Boomerang. Situated in the town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, the series portrays the lives of Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin and Emily Fields.Um group of girls that after the demise of the group's leader, Alison DiLaurentis begin to receive anonymous messages with name "A-" that threatens to reveal all their secrets, darker and deeper. At the beginning of the messages girls think Alison is alive and is blackmailing as it was the only one who knew all the secrets of her friends, but after his body was found they know that someone else knows all your secrets.
At the beginning of the series to ABC Family  had ordered only 10 episodes on July 28, 2010 and after 12 more episodes to end temporada.O a successful classification of 10 initial episodes of the series of books, led to be extended to beyond the initial eight novel.
On January 10, 2011 ABC Family has announced a second season for the series. It began airing on June 14, 2011. It was announced in June the same year that the series will earn a "package" of over 13 episodes that will appear in a special block of Halloween at the station. Thereby increasing the number of episodes of the season to 25.

Rosewood is a small town perfect and wonderful. It was so quiet and pristine, never guess that holds many secrets. Some of the worst belong to four friends - Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, and Emily Fields - whose darkest secrets and dark are about to be unraveled.
A year ago, Alison, the "queen bee" of his group of best friends, mysteriously disappears without a trace. Alison made them believe that their secrets to unite, but the opposite happens. Who could tell what the truth is in Rosewood? It seems everyone in town is lying about something.
With the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Alison, Aria (Lucy Hale) moved a year and then returns to the quiet town. From that day, when all are "together" again, the girls begin to receive messages from "A-" (which makes them think that Alison still be alive), containing things that only Alison knew, (In addition to containing the various offenses girls.) But Alison could not be, could it? In the course of the series, several suspects are presented. Whoever he / she seems to know all the secrets of girls and everyone is watching their movements. The girls are friends again, and they will be with each other when their secrets come to light.

Season 2

With the disappearance of the body of Ian, and all are lying in all the town of Rosewood. Spencer begins to suspect that Melissa knows that Ian is alive and is helping him to escape the police. They follow up a shed and Melissa are on the outside. They hear the cry of Melissa and run, entering, face hugging Melissa and Ian Wren dead, shot in the forehead. The girls decide to make a parade in honor of Alison, thus using the 8th Charity Event Fashion College Rosewood to do homage. All are shocked, to see a frame Noel Kahn, working out and destroying the event, bringing embarrassment to them and the sadness of the mother of Alison. Aria discovers the frame of Noel and Jason sees everything.
The special episode of Halloween surprises for lying back, after a joke in bad taste Alison. She says it was all a plan, so she can see that lying always help her when she needs it, and the zombie that Noel was attacked at the end of the episode reveals that Noel was not him and Alison receives a message from "A-", terrorizing it. In the next episode, 2x14, is when girls are closer to "A-". Now they are considered the main suspect in the murder of Alison, and the murder weapon is found with them, the four find themselves in something worse than a game, something that could end their lives, so arm a plan to pretend that are no longer friends and deceive "-A". Emily, who is considered the weak link of the group becomes a "friend" from "A-" and makes a date with her. She goes to a nursery and finds abandoned "-A". Emily says that "IT" is scared of them have found something that harms, and thus opens the Alison, appeared in the Halloween episode, not containing anything. Enraged, "IT" tries to end the life of Emily, but Aria and Spencer arrive and prevent. If seeing cornered, "-A" plays a vessel for the top and goes outside. Hanna the hits, making your phone down. She flees and the mendacious attempt to reach it, when they return, they realize the phone "-A" on the ground, finding a great test that helps in the fight against this enemy.
Aria and Ezra reveal the girl's parents that they like, bringing the anger of the youngest son, Mike, who punches a teacher. Aria, Emily and Spencer think to ask for help from Caleb to uncover who is "IT", making Hanna get angry because her boyfriend does not want to put at risk. Hanna finds out, after seeing a photo of a fake ID in a photo of Alison's cell Spencer, she rarely fight with her friend, but they make up. Hanna reveals that Alison seen with dark hair, and says he was two years. The name of the false identity of Alison Vivian Darkbloom, Spencer does remember a book with the name Lolita, and the name is an anagram of the name of the writer. Hanna says he "stole" this book Alison, but they failed to return because her friend had disappeared, and within this book, they find a clue that may lead to "A-".
Jenna makes the operation to regain sight and mind for all, saying that not being able to see. At the end of the episode, she appears in a scene that kills a fly and shows that you can see. Mona Hanna's friend and former rival Alison begins to receive messages from "A-", joining the group of threatened species. In the last episode of the season, the mendacious, Mona least, go to a resort, after finding out that Alison was following "-A" before his death, and she stayed in this hotel. It is revealed when Spencer returns to resort to Mona, after seeing that the two key was not on the hook, suggesting that "IT" is in that room. Mona steals the key, while Spencer distract the owner of the resort. They enter the room and find a true sanctuary of lies. Spencer points out several things, along with Mona, and discover the supposed fantasy of "A-". Mona offers a bubblegum Spencer, who refuses to open, and Alison's diary and sees a role equal to that of Mona in gum daily and raises a false suspicion against Melissa, Melissa Mona says can be "-A" and Spencer asks a gum, Mona warns that over and will get another one in your car. Hanna, Aria, and Emily watch the supposed "A-" and Hanna reveals that already hates. It shows the lair of "IT" again. It is revealed that Mona is "A-" and did all this because they took her Hanna. In the car, Mona reveals the existence of a time "A". The other girls follow them. Mona Spencer tries to throw off a cliff, but ends up falling, but still alive. Dr. Sullivan reappears and reveals that Mona threatened his son, so he had to leave. Mona, the station is considered insane and Dr. Sullivan says she can improve. In a brief speech in his mind, Mona says that nothing is over and the liars will still pay. When you are driving home in a "deja vu", it is revealed that Maya is dead, and shows Melissa on site, representing some of the curious. In the last scene, a person with the same coat Vivian Darkbloom visit Mona in the asylum, saying "I did exactly what I asked," prologando mysteries for next season.

 Season 3

On November 29, 2011 ABC Family has renewed the series for a third season consisting of 24 episodes and premiered day 06/05/2012.

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